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King Price Vehicle Insurance

Super cheap insurance premiums that decrease monthly...
That's Madness!

You may think it has something to do with a mystical long-lost tribe or a half dead Oil Prince who granted us a wish of sorts...
but that's not how we do it.

How we do it is simple really...  In the time that it takes to read this, your car's value has already depreciated and is worth less. So why are other insurance companies charging you the same monthly insurance premiums as if your car's been sipping from the Fountain of Youth? Not us... we DECREASE your premium every month as the value of your car depreciates... it's only fair.

Aren't you tired of getting ripped off by inflated insurance premiums and bogus bonus offers? At King Price we know that cash is king, so we're here to save you more money each and every month.

Most other motor insurance companies inflate your premium from the get-go, just to give you back some of your own money as a "no claim bonus" later (and that's only if you're lucky). We firmly say "No!" to this bogus "no claim bonus" and all the other insurance marketing sales pitches because we'd rather let all our clients enjoy the benefit of super cheap premiums and instant savings.

Yes, like with all other insurance companies annual increases still need to unfortunately apply, as there are costs that not even the king can control... Although he does promise to fight to keep it as low as possible and please don’t panic! It only happens once a year.

This increase is used to combat the rising costs of repairs and replacements neither of which are linked to the value of your car. Straight up. No funny business. Just awesome value-for-money, if you're into that kind of thing. Who are we kidding? We're ALL into that kind of thing!

See, we're totally on YOUR side... at King Price you get the exact same comprehensive insurance cover as everywhere else... just at a super cheap price that DECREASES monthly (and it comes with royal service too).

Oh, and did we mention that we don't just cover your car? We'll also take care of things like your buildings, home contents, caravan, trailer and portable possessions. Pretty multi-talented, right?

You'd be crazy not to get a car insurance quote online right now! You're also welcome to submit your details at the top of this page and a member of the king's court will call you back ASAP with a insurance quote designed to impress and deliver. Don't wait! Start saving today!

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I just want to take the time to compliment Anieka Lekay, from King Price on her amazing customer service. I was the unfortunate victim of a motor vehicle break-in and had to submit a claim with King P ...

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