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Reasons why joining our royal family is such a great idea

King Price Insurance offers you the exact same insurance cover as anywhere else but at super cheap premiums that decrease monthly... and it comes with royal service too.

We know what you're thinking...sounds like madness, right? Well, that's just how we do things! We know that cash is king and we believe that giving you the best possible deal is just the fair and logical way to do insurance.

Here's how we can instantly save you money on your insurance whilst making you feel like royalty with our promise of royal service...

Super cheap premiums that decrease monthly

It's a fact that in the time it takes to read this, your car's value would already have depreciated so shouldn't your monthly insurance premiums do the same?

Other insurance companies don't seem too concerned by this fact. In fact, they act like it doesn't even matter.  So obviously, King Price Insurance has done a 180 and managed to decrease your car insurance premium every month, as the value of your car goes down. And you don't have to nag or remind us... we do it AUTOMATICALLY!  Finally an insurance company that is on your side.

We say "NO" to being fooled

Talk is cheap but money pays the school fees!

We know how it works... other insurers inflate your premium from the get-go, just so that they can give some of your own money back to you as a 'no claim bonus' later (if you're lucky). We say "NO" to this bogus bonus and "YES" to letting all our clients pay less.. IMMEDIATELY! We know that cash is king, after all.

We won't let you pay for something that you do not need

The SO CALLED additional benefits of most insurers are nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Who needs benefits that they will never use? At King Price you'll enjoy the same full insurance cover as everywhere else, just at a super cheap price. And with superior royal service...

We also let you CHOOSE THE EXCESS that suits your budget...the higher the excess, the cheaper the monthly premium... more instant savings to you!

And our cover doesn't end with cars. King Price offers super cheap insurance premiums across all types of assets, from cars to home contents and even your sunglasses and cell phone... the more you cover, the more you save!

Reinsured by Munich Re, THE world leader in risk reinsurance

We may be a new comer to the insurance industry, but we're going to be around for a long time! After all, we've got the backing of a world leader in re-insurance.

We love helping our clients sleep soundly. So at King Price, we are reinsured by the highly esteemed Munich Re, who are world leaders in risk solutions with global operations. They cover reinsurance, primary insurance and international health business. So what does this mean for you? Well you can rest assured, knowing that we (and Munich Re), have got your back and are here to stay.

So what are you waiting for? Let's start saving you some money now and give you the insurance cover that you so richly deserve!

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It's been some time since I took our insurance with KP. I was advised not too because it was a new company. I was told to go to the usual companies. I am glad I didn't. Firstly, they offered the best ...

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