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The king's insurance cover for cell phones... just a phone call away.

Cell phones have become a part of our daily lives. We talk, we message, we surf the net... it's like our own portable connection to the world. It's also a line to the best value-for-money cell phone insurance in the country! So be sure to put the king on speed dial right away if you're looking to give your cell phones royal cover against loss, theft or damage.

Let's be honest... in a world so dependent on technology, we just can't function without our cell phones anymore... and losing it will be like losing a limb. Not to mention how devastating it will be to fork out the money to buy a new one.

Not to worry though! The king's got you covered with top cell phone cover under our portable possessions insurance. And believe us, the price and royal service will have you calling back for more.

It's time to hang up on anything less than the best! Get an online portable possessions insurance quote now, or submit your details at the top of the page and a member of the king's court will call you back soonest.

In a nutshell... The king's portable possessions insurance covers you for loss of or damage to your own cell phone and those of your family members who live with you. This is covered together with your other valuable portable items that you or members of your family would carry with you.

By cell phone we mean... That hand-held communication gadget, radio device or cellular phone that you or members of your family who live with you use to make or receive phone calls, send or receive messages or e-mails and to stay connected.

Good to know...

Having  a cell phone contract does not mean that your cell phone is automatically insured. So make sure that you've covered your cell phone against damage, theft or loss by taking out portable possessions insurance cover.

If you and your family have highly sophisticated cell phones that are especially expensive, then it would be best to specify them under 'specified items' on your portable possessions insurance policy. This means that the name, make and value of each cell phone that you want cover for, has to be specifically noted.

What are you waiting for? Get your online portable possessions insurance quote now, or submit your details at the top of the page and a member of the king's court will call you back soonest.

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