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Car Insurance Quotes

How our decreasing premiums work

Why do we decrease your premiums?

When King Price first promised super cheap car insurance premiums that decrease monthly, there were many naysayers predicting our downfall. Time has passed and we’re still the only insurer in SA to be making the same exciting offer, but now it’s to tens of thousands of clients – and thousands more every month.

The price that you pay for your car insurance is primarily based on 2 key factors: The risk involved and the value of your car.

Now, if your car’s value keeps going down every month (which it does), then surely your insurance premiums should, too?

That’s why we deploy our high-tech software to update car values and adjust your premiums accordingly every month.

That’s it. No strings, no short-cuts, just fully comprehensive car insurance that covers you properly, with great benefits you can count on.

It’s the fair and logical way that insurance should be done.

How compound savings work

We know what you want: The cheapest possible insurance. So we start off with our cheapest possible insurance premium for your profile… And then continue to still decrease your premium every month. Of course, it’s best to add these savings up over 12 months… That way you can see how much you really save. And this monthly saving is not impacted by whether or not you make a claim, after all isn’t that what insurance is for?

Look at how 'compound savings' add up

Super cheap car insurance

Say your premium comes down by R10 at the end of your first month, and then by another R10 at the end of your second month. Now, because your premium started at R10 less, you've actually saved R30 after the second month... Not R20.

After 12 months your compounded savings would be R660 per year, and R6, 300 after 3 years!

No funny business. Just good old-fashioned value for money.

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I just want to take the time to compliment Anieka Lekay, from King Price on her amazing customer service. I was the unfortunate victim of a motor vehicle break-in and had to submit a claim with King P ...

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