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06Jul 2016

5 things that are super cheap when you join the king

Super Cheap Insurance From King Price

There’s no doubt about it. Price is king. It determines where we shop for curtains, where we call home, how long we work for… And who we insure with. If it’s not the biggest deciding factor, it comes pretty darn close, right? You know it’s true and we completely understand.

Your money only goes so far and it needs to cover quite a bit. That’s why we’re particularly proud of being able to do our bit to help you out.

Here are 5 things that get cheaper when you join the king.

  1. R1 bike insurance

The Tour de France, 1 of cycling’s Grand Tours, is here and has everyone either dusting off their wheels or looking to invest in their next bike. It’s no small wonder that cycling is gaining popularity in South Africa, given that we’ve got all the right curves in all the right places. But you’d be surprised at just how pricey these 2 wheelers can be… Some cost as much as a new car and they’re always going to be easier to steal and damage.

It makes sense that you’d want to insure your investment and now you can with R1 bicycle insurance. This is just another thing that are cheaper when you join the king. Once you’ve insured your car with us, you can cover your bicycle for just R1. Literally, a buck.

  1. Decreasing premiums

Not only do we make sure that our premiums start out super cheap, but we’re the first (and only ones) in the world to decrease your premiums every month in line with the depreciating value of your car.

Yup, we automatically decrease your premium without you even having to remind us. Oh, and we also give you the flexibility to choose the excess that suits where you’re at financially.

  1. Super cheap cover for your camera

Amateur? Aspiring artist? Professional? No matter where you are in your journey, you probably already know that photography is more than just an outlet. You know that it has the potential to capture the essence of souls and events; that it inspires and educates.

Of course, it’s also expensive and losing your equipment to theft or damage could be disastrous. If you’re a professional, it could devastate your business and leave you without a way to earn an income and recover from the loss.

Again, we’re here to help you with another 1 of those things that are cheaper when you join the king.


  1. The king’s cab

When you join the king you can get your own personal chauffeur for a small cost added to your monthly premium. This puts us at your service with 2 hand-picked drivers to take you and your car home safely up to 6 times a year.

Of course, you can call on the king’s cab as often as you want for a small additional charge. And you know what? We’re still much cheaper than most (if not all) the big transport services that are so popular right now… And we treat you like royalty every time.

  1. Get out the rough and pay less green

Ah, golf. The sport of nobles and a time honoured sport. But did you know that even a halfway decent set of golf clubs will cost you thousands? Well, we found out. And we were shocked. Our monocles fell clean off our faces and we almost fell off of our white stallions.

Jokes. About the monocle and stallions, not about the cost of golf clubs. We want you to spend exactly what you want on your clubs and not a cent less, which is why our golf club cover are super cheap. Once you’ve insured your car with us, you can cover your clubs for just R1, leaving plenty for accessories, golf cart fuel, and monocle polish.

So, are you still sitting there? Maybe it’s time you gave yourself a well-deserved financial break and joined the kingdom today.

Joining our royal kingdom just makes lots of (leftover) cents.