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5 ways to keep your holiday spending under control

As the year ends (and not a minute too soon!) it’s time to do what many of us fear… Shop for the holidays.

It’s so easy to lose control… Some of us overspend just to avoid spending days finding something suitable for a 3-year-old who freaks out if she sees the colour green. Or, we spoil our families with feasts with all the trimmings, 3 times a day, every day, when really, ordinary meals would do just as well most of the time. Or, we overspend because we’re particularly gifted when it comes to the art of gift-buying and we like to get all the extras. And the wrappings and cards.

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How to use the King Price accident form

What to do after a car accident

Oh gosh, getting into a car accident ranks right up there as 1 of the top 10 worst things to happen to you. We don’t think we’re being overly dramatic when we say that. Yes, there’s lots of terrible things that can happen, but car accidents definitely count as major ordeals. To us, the ‘surprise’ factor that sets the tone.  99% of the time they come out of nowhere and we’re not prepared, whether it’s something more serious or a small prang.

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