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Car Insurance Quotes
19Nov 2014

Don’t be a heartbreaker

Whether you’re getting an insurance policy for your car, your house, or the stuff that matters most to you, one thing’s for sure…. It’s extremely important for us to be 100% honest with one another right from the start….

We hate to offend anyone… But it’s time to discuss the ‘F’ word. We’re talking, of course, about “fraud.” We’d rather not even bring it up, but we have to.

You see, fraud, is just as ugly as cheating. You wouldn’t cheat on someone that cares about you, like your wife or girlfriend, so why cheat on us?

If your claim is rejected because you’ve been a cheater, get ready for the nastiest break-up of your life.

Break-ups are never easy, but they say you should always begin by getting rid of all the other person’s stuff. So first things first, we’ll have to reject your entire claim. There go any hopes for a second chance…. Talk to the hand…. ‘Cause you’ve broken our hearts and trust.

Next we’ll have to cancel your policy retrospectively, from the date on which the incident has been reported, or from the actual incident date, whichever date is the earliest, so we can get over the heartache sooner.

And lastly like any good separation settlement you’ll be held accountable by law to pay us back for any expenses that we may have incurred relating to the claim.

So remember, that honesty is always the best policy and cheaters never prosper!