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Protect your home during the festive season

December has become synonymous with surf, family time, sunshine, summer fun… And crime.

Unfortunately, our beautiful land is somewhat afflicted by an increase of burglaries and other serious crimes over the festive season. Coming home from your well-deserved time off can be a little sad. After all, it signifies the end of a memorable time. It can only be more devastating if you walk through your front door to see the place ransacked.

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Safe-guard your home away from home

Safe-guard your home

Safe-guard your home – With the constant hustle and bustle of modern day life it’s necessary to take a break every now and then. We all have that one place that we usually go to escape, whether it’s close to the beach, in the middle of the Drakensberg, or hidden away in a majestic forest… Some might even go as far as investing in a home away from home.

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Don’t give away your getaway

Going away over the festive season, for some of us, is an absolute necessity. It is all about getting away and relaxing after a long year and, to a certain degree, to recharge in preparation for the year ahead. This isn’t likely to happen if you’re sitting at your dream holiday destination, worried about all the possible things that could go wrong with your house.

We would all love to have someone that promises us that our houses won’t be ransacked or burnt to the ground when we get back, but fortunately a lot of it lies in your hands.

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