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Car Insurance Quotes
06Jul 2016

We have 1 of the lowest claims overturned rates!

Insurance claims overturned – The 2015 report of the Ombudsman for Short-Term

Our goal is to offer you (and the rest of South Africa, for that matter) the chance to get super cheap insurance, to benefit from premiums that decrease every month in line with their car’s depreciating value, and to enjoy the kind of royal service that always puts you first. In our opinion, it’s the only fair and logical way to do insurance.

And it goes to show, because if you take a look at the chart below you’ll see that King Price still has 1 of the lowest claims overturn rates around…

2015 report of the Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance

Like white on rice, our royal service is just as inseparable from our product offering. We’re fully committed to treating everyone in our kingdom fairly and ensuring that they come out better off.