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Kick the digital addiction habit


We recently launched our R1 insurance, which lets you add cover for your Apple watch (and a few other things) to your car cover, and we got to talking about how deeply embedded technology is into our lives. Literally, your Apply watch can track your health activity, keep comms with friends and colleagues, run a wide range of apps… And even make retail payments. As in, you can pay with your wrist. Straight outta Tom Cruise sci-fi movie.

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Why buildings insurance claims fail

Insurance claim rejected

Buying a property might be one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life time and it’s probably something you’ll be paying off for quite some time. This gives you all the more reason to insure it, and to ensure that if something goes wrong that your insurance pays out.

Unfortunately, there are pitfalls that many are unaware of until it’s too late. These pitfalls are mistakes that could end up voiding your buildings insurance and costing you a pretty penny.

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