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04May 2016

The king’s top tips to ensure our water supply

Top tips to ensure our water supply

What is the one thing you would undoubtedly consider essential to your survival? Is it your IPhone 6? Your laptop? Or even your vintage convertible? While all of those things can be insured, the 1 thing that is absolutely essential to human survival can’t be.

Water is our single most important resource, yet we treat it as though it is unlimited.

Although the entire country doesn’t find itself in the middle of a drought, there are some parts that are struggling. There are multiple companies where retrenchments and lay-offs literally depend on the weather. If it doesn’t rain soon, there won’t be enough water for businesses to produce their products and this will, in turn, force businesses to lay people off, and eventually shut their doors.

The only way we’ll be able to prohibit this is by working smart and saving water wherever we can. Even though the king can’t ensure that there will always be water, he does have a few useful tips that will help you save water.

Here are the king’s top water-wise tips:

  • Turn off the tap while you scrub your pearly whites. By doing this you can save up to 6 litres of water per minute.
  • Take shorter showers. How dirty are you anyway?
  • Only switch on the dishwasher and washing machine when there is a full load.
  • Consider other water sources like boreholes or well water, rain harvest and grey water.
  • Reuse and filter the water from your shower, bath and laundry and then use it to irrigate your garden. This way you save water and keep your garden gorgeous.
  • Replace your garden’s thirstier plants with some exciting succulents and cacti.
  • Only water your garden after the sun has started to go down.

Giving up on your prized luscious green garden might be difficult, but it can save someone’s job and perhaps even their life. Although it might not seem as though your contribution matters, it does. Because every single drop counts.