Regular drivers

At King Price Insurance we always have your best interest at heart. For this reason, we would like to explain why we need to know who the regular driver of your car is.

Let’s first take a look at what exactly the term ‘regular driver’ means in the motor vehicle insurance space… By ‘regular driver’ we simply mean the person who drives your car the most often during any monthly period. Another important phrase that’s connected to this and that you will most probably come across too; is ‘nominated driver.’ The ‘nominated driver’ refers to someone who has your permission to sometimes drive your car.

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Cancel your current insurance policy

Ten easy steps to cancel your existing insurance and start saving with King Price

Step 1: Call your current insurance company, with your ID or policy number on hand.

Step 2: Advise your current insurer that you would like to cancel your current policy.

Step 3: Your insurer will ask what the reason is that you want to cancel.

Step 4: Advise your insurer that you got a better deal from King Price!

Step 6: Your insurer will ask you: “did they offer you a cheaper premium”?

Step 7: Advise your current insurer: “Not only did they offer me a cheaper rate, but the benefits are extra-ordinary such as the fact that your car insurance premium DECREASES monthly”.

Step 8: Your insurer will ask: “what premium did they offer you”?

Step 9: Do not disclose the amount, as what’s the point? They won’t be able to decrease your premium monthly like the king, even if they match the premium we have offered you…

Step 10:  Instruct them that the last date of the cover with them will be the day before your cover will start with King Price, and smile.

How to compare car insurance quotes

With insurance companies that are a dime a dozen in South Africa, it can become a very daunting task to compare car insurance quotes and make a sensible decision on which one serves your particular insurance requirements the best. But the best way to compare car insurance quotes wisely; is to make sure that you compare apples with apples. Here are a couple of pointers to consider when you do…

Look at car insurance benefits versus price

Instead of searching for the lowest possible car insurance premium only, you should also consider the benefits you get in return. By this we do not simply mean the need-to-have’s like the amount of cover you get or excesses that you have to pay; but also the nice-to-have’s. On top of the same car insurance cover that you can get everywhere else in the country, King Price for example offers unlimited roadside assist emergency services, a generous range of other emergency assist services plus a novel service called the ‘king’s cab.’ This service makes it possible for its policyholders and their cars to be chauffeured home safely when they have celebrated with a drink or two. Cheap has never looked this good.

Never settle for insurance terms that imply monthly increases, if you could have monthly decreases

Regardless of what your car was worth originally, the reality is that it constantly loses value, literally almost on a daily basis. So why should you settle for a car insurance premium that either remains the same, or that increases frequently; if the value of your car doesn’t? Fortunately, for the first time ever, there is now King Price, a car insurance company that actually decreases your car insurance premiums month-by-month, as your car depreciates.

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Evaluation of top Insurance Companies in South Africa

There are a great number of insurance companies in South Africa and an even greater number of brokers who sell their insurance products. This makes it particularly difficult for consumers to distinguish between the various insurance companies in South Africa. The following are top tips to evaluate insurance companies in South Africa and to determine which ones are the best:

Do they offer a ‘no claim bonus’…

A ‘no claim bonus’ is a marketing gimmick used by many insurance companies in South Africa to fool consumers into thinking that they will receive a financial reward for not claiming. In reality, these insurance companies are actually inflating their clients’ premiums at inception- just to give them their own money back at a later stage, if they qualify of course. What consumers are not aware of, is that all insurance companies in South Africa are regulated to reserve a percentage of premiums for such a ‘no claim bonus’ fund. King Price Insurance firmly says ‘NO’ to this bogus ‘no claim bonus’ and we rather give all our clients the benefit of a discounted rate IMMEDIATELY.

Do they increase their premiums annually…

Insurance companies in South Africa increase their clients’ insurance premiums in varying degrees of frequency. The truth is that, by the time you finished reading this, your car has already depreciated, a fact that seems to be ignored by most insurers. At King Price Insurance, we adopt the opposite, more transparent approach and DECREASE OUR INSURANCE PREMIUMS MONTHLY. Our clients do not have to nag or remind us, as we do this AUTOMATICALLY.

Has their risk rating methods evolved…

Experience has taught us that most insurance companies in South Africa are resistant to change and do not want to spend money on innovation. King Price Insurance on the other hand, has worked with a team of seasoned insurance and technology experts for more than three years to develop state of the art, real-time automated IT platforms – including risk rating software which is believed to be the quickest, most intelligent and most accurate system that is currently available in South Africa. This naturally translates into even more savings for our clients.

King Price Insurance may be a new player in the short term insurance industry, but we are already changing the way people look at insurance companies in South Africa in a big way. This is done through our ground-breaking insurance model that is backed by an aggressively discounted pricing strategy which offers consumers a massive saving of up to 60% on their insurance premiums.

The reason why we are doing this, is a no-brainer really. Like most people, we were disgruntled about paying more for car and home insurance than what is necessary. So around 3 years ago, we identified the loopholes in the offerings of current insurance companies in South Africa and we decided to join forces with some of the best brains in the global insurance industry to counteract them. We are seriously challenging old and outdated insurance models and turning the market on its head.

Essentially, we at King Price Insurance are driven by the simple belief that price is king. Bottom line. With King Price Insurance, the consumer is able to enjoy the same cover, but at a substantially cheaper price. And, as our name suggests, it comes with royal service too. So why search high and low for the best insurance companies in South Africa, if King Price Insurance offers you all you need… royal service, super cheap price.

You can do a car insurance quote online now and see how much we can save you.