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24May 2017
The king’s winter money advice

Staying on top of your monthly budget during the cold winter months can be a tricky business. Warming up the house with electricity and other sources of fuel, eating a little more, buying adorable scarves and coats by the ton, and so many other winter splurges. These things are precisely how you end up spending […]

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10Apr 2017
Protect your eyes while you’re driving

Your eyes are the windows to the soul. They’re also what you use to see where you’re going, a particularly handy ability when you’re driving. According to an article posted by Arrive Alive, your eyesight is the most important sense that you use when you’re on the road. It’s also an intensely active function, 1 […]

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04Apr 2017
The king has your back, your business, and even your bakkie.

Find the right cover for your home-based business Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Do you work out of your home? Would you say that any of your equipment or products are stored at your home? Then you, oh conqueror of new worlds, need an insurer that understands the risks you face and knows very well […]

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14Mar 2017
Tips for driving in the rain

The king cares about you, come rain or shine. So can we talk about that rain last week…? Crazy. If anyone in Gauteng was caught in the downpour while driving, then hats off to you. It was certainly no small thing trying to navigate your way through poor visibility, wiper blades doing their impression of […]

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12Mar 2017
Keep your tyres in roadworthy condition

How to keep your tyres in top condition. As you might have noticed, we like to put a smile on your face by giving you great insurance products that suit your budget, decreasing your premiums, handling your claims efficiently, and helping you out of tight spots with our royal benefits. One of the super important […]

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06Mar 2017
Trainer and Facilitator position available at the King Price Training Department!

If you are adaptable, resilient, fun to be around and have the right attitude for the job and fit the criteria below, then we would like to hear from you.  

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