Buying a car: the need-to-knows

Top 5 things to know before you buy a car

So you’ve made the decision to take the plunge and get a new, even if it’s new-for-you, car. Well done, congratulations, bravo, and yeehaw! Whether you’ve started saving from today (it totally counts as being prepared), got your deposit ready and waiting, or financing your new wheels in its entirety, buying a car can be a daunting task.

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The fuss about your insurance benefits

Get the most out of your assist insurance benefits

It’s super important to consider price and what it is exactly that you’re covered for when you’re in the market for insurance. But that’s not the only thing. You should also consider the insurance benefits you get with your cover. You know, the nice-to-have’s. The cherry-on-top’s.

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These 5 insurance claims were a JA-OKE

For the most part, insurance claims are no laughing matter. Mostly they’re humdrum affairs… You know, a rear-end here and a broken cellphone there. Sometimes they can be financially draining, stressful, and even emotionally tough to deal with. That’s where we step in and help you deal with the rough stuff.
Of course, we’ve also seen our fair share of weird claims, the kind which truly defies belief. Prepare for a look into the world of bizarre insurance claims, the kind that legends are made of.

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