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05Oct 2016
The 7 wonders of our royal kingdom

At King Price, we’re so much more than just a building full of slush puppy zombies… We’re a family. That means that there’s the odd clash, perhaps an incident of hair pulling, and the occasional water balloon fight. It also means that we’re fun-loving, hard-working, and are always around to lend a helping hand and […]

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28Sep 2016
Survive summer with these water savvy tips

The king has some water savvy tips for you to survive summer. South Africa recently suffered 1 of the biggest droughts in over 30 years… El Nino sure has wreaked havoc, causing 5 of our provinces to have been declared drought disaster areas, and all municipalities to have implemented strict water restrictions. In many areas, […]

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16Sep 2016
Dust off your policies & avoid underinsuring your business

South Africa is a veritable treasure trove of aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s not surprising that small-to-medium businesses have been identified as quite the little steam engines, driving inclusive economic growth and making up around 34% of the nation’s GDP.

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14Sep 2016
perfect present
The art to buying the perfect present

There’s nothing quite like seeing the expression on that special someone’s face when they’ve unwrapped a perfect present you spent forever looking for… You know the look that we’re talking about. There’s a split second of “what-on-earth” before a sugary sweet, fake as xylitol smile appears. Usually, it’s accompanied with a, “Oh, you shouldn’t have…”

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08Sep 2016
The low down on powering up your home

The low down on powering up your home Remember when electricity didn’t cost an arm and a leg? Seriously, electricity has started taking a heftier chunk out of our budgets than ever before. Sure, you can go for the quick fix and invest in a generator, but this isn’t your only option and it probably […]

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31Aug 2016
South Africa
Explore South Africa with these freebies

There’s nothing like some time off, whether it’s a holiday, a day off, or just your weekend. However, there’s only so much money you can spend on activities and only so much time you can spend relaxing at home… Let’s face it. South Africa is a veritable piggy bank, stuffed with amazing things to do […]

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