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14Sep 2016
perfect present
The art to buying the perfect present

There’s nothing quite like seeing the expression on that special someone’s face when they’ve unwrapped a perfect present you spent forever looking for… You know the look that we’re talking about. There’s a split second of “what-on-earth” before a sugary sweet, fake as xylitol smile appears. Usually, it’s accompanied with a, “Oh, you shouldn’t have…”

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08Sep 2016
The low down on powering up your home

The low down on powering up your home Remember when electricity didn’t cost an arm and a leg? Seriously, electricity has started taking a heftier chunk out of our budgets than ever before. Sure, you can go for the quick fix and invest in a generator, but this isn’t your only option and it probably […]

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31Aug 2016
South Africa
Explore South Africa with these freebies

There’s nothing like some time off, whether it’s a holiday, a day off, or just your weekend. However, there’s only so much money you can spend on activities and only so much time you can spend relaxing at home… Let’s face it. South Africa is a veritable piggy bank, stuffed with amazing things to do […]

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17Aug 2016
3 of the (many) inspiring South Africans in our midst
3 of the (many) inspiring South Africans in our midst

What does a businesswoman, a rocket scientist, and an insurance innovator have in common? Well, each has achieved in their field to the point where it is pretty darn inspiring, and we thought that in light of the Olympics taking place right now… let’s keep the inspiration flowing. After all, we may not all be […]

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10Aug 2016
Top tips from advanced drivers

Keep your household costs on the low down Technically speaking, cars are safer than they have ever been. Of course, with human beings behind the wheel, they’re still killing machines. Let’s face it, as a species we do find it difficult to retain even the most minimal rules and techniques needed to adequately operate a […]

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27Jul 2016
Which business insurance do I need?

Small business basics: what kind of business insurance do I need? Starting and running your own small business can be exhilarating. And terrifying. After all… from the moment you start, you face plenty of risks. Most likely your overall business strategy includes risk management to help you make sure that you avoid things like unnecessary […]

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