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17Aug 2016
3 of the (many) inspiring South Africans in our midst
3 of the (many) inspiring South Africans in our midst

What does a businesswoman, a rocket scientist, and an insurance innovator have in common? Well, each has achieved in their field to the point where it is pretty darn inspiring, and we thought that in light of the Olympics taking place right now… let’s keep the inspiration flowing. After all, we may not all be […]

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10Aug 2016
Top tips from advanced drivers

Keep your household costs on the low down Technically speaking, cars are safer than they have ever been. Of course, with human beings behind the wheel, they’re still killing machines. Let’s face it, as a species we do find it difficult to retain even the most minimal rules and techniques needed to adequately operate a […]

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27Jul 2016
Which business insurance do I need?

Small business basics: what kind of business insurance do I need? Starting and running your own small business can be exhilarating. And terrifying. After all… from the moment you start, you face plenty of risks. Most likely your overall business strategy includes risk management to help you make sure that you avoid things like unnecessary […]

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20Jul 2016
Declutter your home, make space in your life

Declutter your home, create a little zen in your life Lately the world has gone a bit gaga over yet another trend. Unlike those that have you chasing fictional characters with your phone (although that was a fun Tuesday and we can’t recommend it enough), this 1 promises to transform your life… Through magic. And […]

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13Jul 2016
safest province
The safest province in SA to build, rent, or buy a house

The safest province to call home in South Africa The safest province to call home in South Africa – You want a home. Some place to call your very own. And before we burst into song, let’s just all agree that whether you’re looking for a quaint garden cottage or a sexy urban townhouse, that […]

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06Jul 2016
5 things that are super cheap when you join the king

Super Cheap Insurance From King Price There’s no doubt about it. Price is king. It determines where we shop for curtains, where we call home, how long we work for… And who we insure with. If it’s not the biggest deciding factor, it comes pretty darn close, right? You know it’s true and we completely […]

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