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Should you decide to insure car with the king’s comprehensive cover, we can help make sure that some of your possessions get the same care for R1 a month.

Why you should choose King Price

Although we have a lot of freedom in South Africa, thanks to the important people in our past who all fought so hard for it, the freedom that is often overlooked and taken for granted is our freedom of choice. Once upon a time, South Africans had very little freedom of choice when it came to choosing service suppliers and insurers. No matter how poorly they felt they were being treated, there weren’t many other places to go. But times have changed and now, there are so many options out there that your freedom of choice can often be cause for confusion.

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R1 insurance from King Price Insurance

R1 Insurance

More bang for your buck – R1 Insurance

Going grocery shopping was once a part of the usual household routine, but it has now, however, become a dreaded reality check for most South Africans. Not so long ago you used to be able to walk out of Pick ‘n Pay with an entire big trolley filled with all kinds of goodies for a R1 000 and now you barely walk out with 3 packets.

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