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13Apr 2016

Safe-guard your home away from home

Safe-guard your home

Safe-guard your home – With the constant hustle and bustle of modern day life it’s necessary to take a break every now and then. We all have that one place that we usually go to escape, whether it’s close to the beach, in the middle of the Drakensberg, or hidden away in a majestic forest… Some might even go as far as investing in a home away from home.

Even though your home away from home may not be used as often as your home, it still deserves royal protection. Whether camping or a holiday home is more your speed, the king has you covered.

Here’s what you need to know to safe-guard your sanctuary:

Safe-guard your holiday home:

If you own a holiday home you might want to consider 2 types of insurance. Firstly, you’ll need building’s insurance. This is to make sure that you are covered and protected against any damages to the physical structures of the property. Secondly, you might want to consider insuring the contents of your home. Home contents insurance ensures that all the items that belong to you and members of your household are covered against theft or damage.

Safe-guard your home on the move (camping):

If moving from one concrete structure to another isn’t what you consider relaxing, and you prefer to be close to nature, you still need insurance. If camping is the way you blow off steam, you know that it takes time effort to accumulate your camping equipment. All the more reason to insure it!

If you own a caravan you might want to consider our specialised caravan insurance. Our caravan insurance not only insures your caravan, but it also gives you the option of insuring your caravan’s contents. And just because you prefer sleeping under the stars, doesn’t mean you have to lose out. Insure your trailer and its contents with the king to be assured that you’ll be covered for damage and theft.

Whether your home away from home is a cosy cottage on the West Coast or a rugged caravan in the Karoo, whatever is most valuable to you, is valuable to us too. So relax – we’ve got it covered!