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Why you should choose King Price

Although we have a lot of freedom in South Africa, thanks to the important people in our past who all fought so hard for it, the freedom that is often overlooked and taken for granted is our freedom of choice. Once upon a time, South Africans had very little freedom of choice when it came to choosing service suppliers and insurers. No matter how poorly they felt they were being treated, there weren’t many other places to go. But times have changed and now, there are so many options out there that your freedom of choice can often be cause for confusion.

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Keep up to date in 2016

The presents have been unwrapped and the new year is upon us…If you blink too quickly this next year might just be gonners!

We all know that change is as good as a holiday… And more often than not the holidays bring about lots of change. For some, this means a change in work, for others it might be a change in address, and then there are the lucky few for whom it means a change in car model.

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The king’s guide to a festive time

It all starts with the famous phrase: “just one drink”. And it almost always ends up being: 1 tequila, 2 tequila…you can’t find the door…3 tequila, 4 tequila… you’re lying on the floor… Many nights are unpredictable, unplanned and seem to have devastating effects (whether it’s on your wallet, your liver, or both). And the closer we get to the festive season, the more often they seem to happen.

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8 Ways to make your insurance claim more efficient

Claiming from insurance is never going to be an enjoyable process. After all, needing to claim means that something has gone wrong – be it a car accident, a burglary, a fire or simply misplacing something of high value. However, if you do need to make a claim, there are ways in which to make the process as efficient as possible, and here’s how:

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