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How to protect your home from a burglary

Most burglars are opportunistic criminals who will target homes that don’t have much security, or whose owners tend to be a little less cautious than others. In order to help ensure that you avoid falling victim to a burglary, here are some easy security steps to take:

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Rather be safe than sorry

Home Contents Insurance

Sadly, crime is a reality not just in South Africa, but in many countries in the world. But we believe it’s better to be prepared rather than paranoid, so I’ve put together a couple of extra-safe safety precautions to keep you, your car and your stuff protected every day of the year.

By now you should all know about how important it is to install burglar bars in your home, and alarms in your car, so I’m not going to point out the obvious, but here are some lesser known safety suggestions that will help to keep you and yours super safe.

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