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3 Years young and going strong!

King Price Insurance Turns 3

As you might have gathered from the cupcakes and balloons flying around our office the last week, King Price turned 3 on the 2nd of June.

It’s been 3 amazing years since we turned the insurance industry upside down with our crazy ideas: like being the only insurer in South Africa (in the world, actually) to decrease it’s premiums monthly, as the value of our clients’ vehicle depreciates. We also believe in always giving our clients nothing but the best, “Royal Service” we like to call it.

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The king’s journey…

Can you believe it’s only 3 years ago that King Price was launched? Yup, it was in 2012 (the same year The Avengers came out) that the noble king of price came to save South Africans from ridiculously high insurance premiums that only went one way…. Up.

In that time we’ve overcome a few tricky hurdles and celebrated some massive milestones…. And it’s all thanks to each and every single one of our incredible clients and hard-working employees.

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