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The king’s journey…

Can you believe it’s only 3 years ago that King Price was launched? Yup, it was in 2012 (the same year The Avengers came out) that the noble king of price came to save South Africans from ridiculously high insurance premiums that only went one way…. Up.

In that time we’ve overcome a few tricky hurdles and celebrated some massive milestones…. And it’s all thanks to each and every single one of our incredible clients and hard-working employees.

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The king’s portable possessions insurance for your precious things

Between laptops, smartphones, smarter tablets, your designer sunglasses, and the classical guitar you take to entertain your friends at dinner parties, the chances are you have quite a few precious possessions on you at any given time.

Well, did you know that King Price offers portable possessions insurance specifically for the things that you carry with you?

It’s true, we do.

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Why it’s a good idea to get the king’s cab with your car insurance

Good ideas are hard to come by… I mean, there are plenty of ideas to be had, but very few of them are good.

Take a look at an idea I came up with last night: A series of phrase books to allow dog owners to communicate better with their pets. The first edition will be ‘Alsatians’, followed by ‘Border Collie’, then ‘Chihuahua’…. You get the picture. Is this new publishing adventure a good idea? According to the 8 publishing houses I’ve pitched it to so far…. No, it isn’t.

So to get back to my point, not all ideas are created equal and it’s very rare to find one that everyone can agree is good…  Very good!

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