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Road sign safety quiz

When driving, your focus should always be on the road and the conditions of the traffic around you (read: other cars). But road signs are an important part of avoiding dangers on the road, and of staying safe on long trips. Sure, we all think we know all of the road signs, but do we? I mean, do we really?

There are so many more signs on our roads than just ‘Stop’, ‘Yield to oncoming traffic’ and ‘Gawie was hier’ (my personal favourite), so with that in mind, why not test your own knowledge of some of these lesser spotted road signs?

Come on, it’s multiple choice, so it’s lank easy.

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The most dangerous roads in South Africa

With Heritage Day falling on a Thursday this year, we know that many of you clever clogs probably had your leave forms filled in and submitted to take Friday off as well months ago. A 4-day long spring weekend? What a perfect time for a road trip- right? Right!

But as with all good things in life, taking the perfect trip comes with its own responsibilities…. And we’re not just talking about picking a BnB that your whole family will like.

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The worst drivers in the world

It’s one thing to try driving in a country you’ve never been to before. There are all kinds of different rules, signs and regulations- and that’s assuming you’re lucky enough to be driving on the side of the road (and the car) you’re the most used to, but driving in a country that’s earned a reputation for having treacherous roads is a whole other kind of adventure sport.

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10 Things you should have in your car

If you have to drive to work and back every day, you’ll understand by now why a lot of us consider our cars to be like a second home…. A mobile second home that you can sing along to Bon Jovi really loudly in.

Just like in your own house, you need to consider what supplies you might need if the weather, or fate, decides to deflate your bubble (or your tyres). We asked around and here are the top 10 things we recommend keeping with you in your car at all times…

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Keep yourself and your stuff safe

Crime is just one of those terrible things that you’ll find wherever you go. The fact is that when you’re on the road, you, and the stuff you have with you, are an attractive target to thieves and hijackers.

While there’s little that you can do to control the actions of others, you can try to do the best you can to avoid a dangerous situation. Here are a few suggestions from the king himself:

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5 Dangerous driving distractions

driving distracted

Your safety is the king’s concern, always! That’s why I want to make sure that when you get behind the wheel of your car, you are fully present and focused. It’s easy, especially when you have hours of traffic, endless potholes and another set of robots out to get distracted on the roads, especially when… Hey, stop looking at your phone, I’m still talking to you!

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