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Roadside assistance….The unsung hero

Roadside assistance...The unsung hero

Everyone has a story about a car breakdown, but the most interesting ones hardly ever include roadside assistance coming to the rescue. Let’s face it, there’s just no drama in that news. You’d rather hear about how someone was stranded for hours, had awkward ‘local’ encounters or spent the night fighting off baboons, right?

However, when you put two tales next to one another, the benefits of comprehensive cover outweigh ‘an interesting story’ every time.

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The king’s emergency assist – your best bet when in a bad situation

There’s a saying about wishing that goes something along the lines of:

“If wishes were fishes… and fishes could fly… we’d all stay at home and eat apple pie…”

Or something like that…

My point is that, if I could, I would wish away every accident and every bad situation that could ever happen to you. But unfortunately I don’t have magical powers (just an epic beard and a fancy crown) and I can’t protect you from the unfortunate events that might happen to you on the roads out there.

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