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05Oct 2016

The 7 wonders of our royal kingdom

At King Price, we’re so much more than just a building full of slush puppy zombies… We’re a family. That means that there’s the odd clash, perhaps an incident of hair pulling, and the occasional water balloon fight. It also means that we’re fun-loving, hard-working, and are always around to lend a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on. That’s because we’re a REAL family.

It’s what makes us special and we take it pretty seriously. You see, each and every family is different. While to some, it’s about a home cooked pot roast and potatoes, or karaoke and embarrassing home videos, for us, it’s our family values. Our family values turn each and every employee into a member of our family, fit to save the world from poor service and ridiculously high insurance premiums. See why we take it so seriously?

The King Price family values:

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Now, these aren’t just a bunch of nice ideas. They’ve helped us become the happiest and fastest growing insurance company family yet and we can’t wait to show you exactly how each of these values have helped us achieve this super status, so keep a look out on our blog.

Oh, and in addition to our values, free slush, popcorn, arcade games, rewards system and amazing open plan offices.

If you’ve got a few ideas about what makes a family stick together or a pic of what represents family to you, then go ahead and leave a comment on our Facebook timeline. We’d love to hear from you!