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06Oct 2015

The Low-down on Your Portable Goods

Image courtesy of zirconicusso/FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NET

You know that ring, the one from your great grannie’s long lost lover from Parys? Although it might be sitting pretty in your little jewellery box on your nightstand, it’s a collectable for those who may find their way into your home, unannounced. The same goes for your GPS that sits proudly on your passenger seat when you park your bakkie, a quick and easy catch for passers-by with beady eyes.

We understand that various items have sentimental value and that, once stolen or damaged, they cannot be replaced. However, investing in portable goods insurance will ensure that you are able to either substitute that heirloom with another piece of jewellery or upgrade to newer technology – we hear that you can now download Borat’s voice for your GPS! Lekker, nê? So, how do you do it and what will you need? Here’s the low down on your portable goods and how to insure them:

What is Portable Goods Insurance?

We’ve heard of home and car insurance, trailer insurance and even the type of insurance that lets you cover certain parts of your body, but what exactly is ‘portable goods insurance’? Well, you are more than likely to carry around your cell phone, laptop, an expensive handbag, your sunglasses and perhaps a few items of jewellery – these are the items that leave the safety of your home and travel around with you on a daily basis. What should happen if your engagement ring is stolen or slips off of your finger? If you have invested in portable goods insurance, you will be able to replace the ring (and make sure that it’s a better fit!).

What Can I Insure?

If it cost you a pretty penny and you happen to take it out of your home on a daily basis, it should be insured. The following items are included:

  • Laptop Insurance. With almost all of our lives stored on our digital devices, it is important to keep them safe – this means investing in affordable insurance and backing up your favourite series and photos onto a hard drive. You can also insure your iPads, tablets and hard drives.
  • Jewellery Insurance. Wearing Ouma’s vintage diamonds? If you wear pricy jewellery on a daily basis, it is best to insure individual items that can be replaced according to their respective values.
  • Handbag Insurance. Whether it’s Prada or nada, a lady’s handbag is her life. You can insure your beloved sakkie for theft, damage or loss. Just ensure that its contents are specified in your insurance policy.
  • Camera Insurance. Whether you’re living on the edge with your GoPro or whether you rely on your camera to put food on the table, be sure that you insure all of the fancy extras! If you’ve got a fine collection of lenses, be sure to add those too!
  • Cell Phone Insurance. Unless you’d like to turn the ‘smash’ effect into a trend, cell phone insurance will ensure that your device is protected against those unforeseen moments when your phone lands up face-down on the floor.
  • Eyewear Insurance. Replacing your reading or sunglasses can be a costly affair. If you’re rocking a new pair of frames with every outfit, be sure to list each pair of glasses that you may own. After all, you don’t want to replace your Ray Bans with a pair of pavement specials from the vendor outside the office.

If you would like to add portable goods insurance to your insurance policy, be sure to have the following information on hand:

  • Serial numbers for all electronic devices and their sale values,
  • Certificates for all diamond jewellery and respective values, and
  • Estimated sale value of all items.

For a comprehensive quote on affordable insurance for your portable goods, be sure to contact King Price – you’ll be grateful that you did!