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18Oct 2016

How to use the King Price accident form

What to do after a car accident

Oh gosh, getting into a car accident ranks right up there as 1 of the top 10 worst things to happen to you. We don’t think we’re being overly dramatic when we say that. Yes, there’s lots of terrible things that can happen, but car accidents definitely count as major ordeals. To us, the ‘surprise’ factor that sets the tone.  99% of the time they come out of nowhere and we’re not prepared, whether it’s something more serious or a small prang.

Thankfully, the king has created an accident form with all the important info and steps you’ll need to follow after you’ve been in an accident.

Your royal accident form includes sections for:

  • Filling in important info, like the police case no.
  • Filling in other part’s info, like the driver’s ID no.
  • A helpful scene sketch for you to draw in.
  • Filling in what happened in your own words.
  • Fill in any witness info if there is 1, like their name or ID no.
  • Helpful tips, like your timeline to claim and tell the police.


Just a few things to remember if you’ve been in an accident:

  1. First, make sure that you and your passengers are safe, which could mean getting out of the car and moving to a safe place in close proximity to the car.
  2. Then check if everyone is alright… And if anyone has any bumps, scratches, or something more serious, call an ambulance.
  3. Now it’s time to call the king’s emergency assist line because our trained consultants will help you navigate your next steps, like getting hold of our approved tow operators.
  4. Refer to your King Price accident form so that you can start jotting down the details.

Download the King Price accident form here and make sure that you save our emergency assist line in your phonebook: 0860 55 55 23.

Remember that as December approaches, everyone has become a little tired and weary, so stay vigilant on the road. We want you all to be happy, healthy, and safe for many years to come.