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23Nov 2016

What’s in your cubby hole?

Way back when, drivers used to keep their hands at a comfy, cosy temperature by wearing gloves whenever they took to the open road. That’s because most early cars didn’t have a hard top so the fast-moving air would cool the drivers’ hands and make them numb.

And where did they keep their gloves? Yup, you guessed it. Car manufacturers created a little storage area, called the glove compartment or glovebox, specially for the drivers’ gloves. The name kind of stuck, even though ‘driving gloves’ are a thing of the past.

Of course, here in the good ol’ R of SA we call this space a cubby hole. This might be because the word ‘cubby’ is used to describe a ‘small, secluded room’… we’re not really sure. But whatever you call it, this storage space is handy. In fact, some cars even have temperature-controlled cubby holes that can be used as coolers.

We did a quick poll around the kingdom and discovered that everyone has different ideas of what you should keep in your cubby hole.

Here are the top items we think that you should be keeping in your cubby hole.


For convenience

If you think about the things you wish you had while traveling, these are right there at the top… Wipes, tissues, hand sanitiser, snacks, and extra bags for rubbish.

For safety  

Accidents happen… And all the king’s men and all the king’s women agree that you need to keep the king’s accident form in your cubby hole. It has all the steps to follow and emergency numbers to call, to help you keep a clear head and collect all the details you’ll need for when it comes to claiming.

Download and print out the king’s accident form here and also save our emergency assist number in your contacts: 0860 50 50 50.

For the record

You never know when you might need to write something down, like another driver’s insurance info, if you’ve been in an accident… So a pen and a notepad are always handy.


Your cubby hole is also the best place to keep your car’s manuals and maintenance records. It’s best to have these items on hand if you have an issue with your car or when it’s time to take your baby for its next service.

Remember that when you insure your car with King Price we give you award-winning royal service, decreasing premiums, a quick claims process that is handled for you, and the king’s benefits to help you out of rough spots.

We also give you the option to cover your portable possessions. This way, if any of your precious stuff is lost, stolen or damaged, we’ll repair or replace it… Whatever it is. And, some of your most coveted gadgets and goodies can be covered for just R1! You can choose between your golf clubs, bike, Apple Watch and hearing aid for this crazy benefit.

We’re proud to say, we’ve pretty much got you covered… From your wheels to your watch, from your camera to your computer. In fact, you own it, we’ll insure it.

So what do you keep in your cubby hole?