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Agri insurance

Grown by nature... Covered by the king

In a nutshell

Your agri business doesn't just provide for you and your family, it also provides an income for your staff and contributes to SA's economy. But, we know that running a commercial farm or game farm comes with its own set of challenges, risks and perils. So from steenbokkies, to sunflowers, to sprinklers... We cover just about everything ‘agri'.

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Low claim benefit

Because we're big on finding new ways to help clients save, we've thrown our industry-first ‘low claim benefit' into the mix! If you keep your claims low for a year, we'll allocate an amount that you can use to offset claims costs and excess amounts.

Click here to read more about the King Price agri insurance low claim benefit!

The 1 rule of agri insurance

There's really only 1 rule when you entrust us to insure your agri business… Get your broker on board! To protect you, we only work through brokers who are qualified to advise best on your risks and needs. If you don't have a broker, no problem, we'll hook you up with a firm that ‘gets you' and your business.

The king's agri cover
Insurance products
When it comes to our agri cover, we make sure you're spoiled for choice

Accidental damage

Accidents happen. We'll cover the loss or damage that follows.

Accounts receivable

Cover for your accounting and business books. Bottom-line.

Buildings combined

Insure the buildings that belong to you, or that you're responsible for.

Business all risks

We cover your agri business' property, anywhere in the world.

Business interruption

Dodge the financial loss that comes when your business is interrupted.


Cover against cybercrime and liability, and associated loss of income.

Electronic equipment

Tech-savvy insurance cover for all your electronic equipment.


Your first line of defence, if employees act dishonestly or unlawfully.


The king's got your back when your property goes up in flames.


Let's replace the broken glass on your premises, shall we?

Goods in transit

Keep your goods safe... Especially when you're on the move.

Goods in transit: Pedigree animals, livestock, game and ostriches

Transporting your animals? We've got just the cover you need!


Cover for your home, all the things in it, and your portable possessions.

Irrigation systems

Watertight cover for your irrigation system... Down to the last little bolt.

Bloodstock,livestock and game

Royal cover focused on protecting your precious animal assets.

Machinery breakdown

Cover your machinery against sudden and unforeseen damage.

Machinery breakdown: Business interruption

Your machines might stop moving... But your business can't.

Machinery breakdown: Deterioration of stock

From power surges to contamination... We've got your stock covered.


Cover the ka-ching you keep at home or on your business premises.


Tractors to trucks… Put all your vehicles in the king’s capable hands.

Office contents

Why replace stolen or damaged office essentials yourself?

Stated benefits & group personal accident

Covers you, and your principals, directors, members and employees.


Robberies can lead to serious financial loss... Don't come off second best.