5 Things You Can Do for Free This Weekend

Remember when going to the movies cost just R12, and a big coke cost R7? And you could keep yourself entertained at the local arcade for hours with R20?

Well, if you do remember all that then you should know that in addition to being nostalgic, you’re also kinda… How do I say this delicately?


But here at the kingdom of price, we believe that old school rules, which is why we’ve come up with a few ways to spend some quality time with your family and friends without dipping into your account.

  1. Pot luck potjie

In Florida, USA, where category 5 hurricanes are a typical threat, everyone has their own recipe for ‘Hurricane Stew’- a mishmash of meat, veggies and other ingredients that the residents cook together, before the storm hits and their power goes out.

So rather than spending a fortune at a restaurant, why not defrost those Kudu chops you’ve been saving for a strange occasion, invite a few friends around with their own leftover ingredients and make your own Pot Luck Potjie.

  1. Take a hike

It might be easy to take for granted, but as South Africans we get to live in one of the most naturally breath-taking countries in the world. No matter where you’re based, we bet that there’s a park, a trail, a mountain or a river not too far from you. So strap on your walking shoes and discover the beauty that’s in your own backyard.

  1. Go to the library

We’re so used to being able to download or e-buy anything we feel like watching or reading, that we’ve forgotten there are giant buildings full of FREE books called ‘libraries’… Just don’t hang onto the books for too long… Those librarians can get kind of scary when you cross them.

  1. Get some higher learning

Ever wanted to speak Sotho? Or sew? Or juggle? Or fold tiny paper swans out of serviettes? If you have enough time, and an internet connection (or a library card…. See point 3), you have everything you need to teach yourself a new skill…. Or at least a cool party trick.

  1. Get dirty

Sis… Not like that. I mean in the garden. Pull out the weeds, dig a compost pit, and propagate some geranium stems, that kind of thing. It’s a good, family-friendly work-out, and as long as you have some basic implements, you don’t have to spend a cent.

Don’t have your own garden? Do some guerrilla gardening in an abandoned flower bed or around your neighbourhood. Plant some butternut or spinach seeds and you could even help to feed hungry passers-by with your efforts.

Now that’s our kind of vandalism!

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