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Car Insurance Quotes
03Aug 2013

The importance of having vehicle insurance

Car insurance companies are a dime a dozen in South Africa and finding the right one for you can be quite tricky. It is not for no reason that this type of insurance has been described as a necessary evil and grudge purchase as vehicle cover can get quite expensive, especially if you are insured by an unscrupulous company.

Here at the king’s court, we like to think that we make picking your insurer an easy task thanks to the benefits you will enjoy with us and our no-nonsense, honest approach. Recent statistics released by the AA have revealed that as many as 65% of vehicles on South African roads have no insurance. This fact alone means that it is more important than ever for you to have cover for your vehicle.

Furthermore, when taking into account the high number of accidents on South Africa roads reported at, the need becomes even more apparent. Thousands of accidents and smaller prangs happen every day and, although you may be a great driver, other drivers on the roads may pose a risk to you and your family.

Next, one has to consider that almost 10 000 cars are stolen on an annual basis in the country, while approximately 5000 motorists are hijacked. Insurance will, in these instances come in very handy. Almost 60 000 cars are broken into each year and these will more than likely require repairs, which your insurerance could cover.

Now this might sound like a horror story straight out of Hollywood, but unfortunately it is a reality many people face every day. Which is why, at King Price we offer the most affordable insurance packages around.

Additionally, you will find that as part of our King Price family you will not only be treated like a king and benfit from super cheap insurance but your premiums will decrease every month as your vehicle’s value depreciates, which is an SA insurance first. Instead of offering you a “no claim bonu”, we charge you less from the get go, meaning instant savings for you.  Yip the exact same insurance cover as everywhere else just better… and way cheaper.

Our comprehensive selection of products means that there is no need to add extra benefits, as our plans have got you covered. To find out how to get royal service from King Price, contact us now.