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29Jun 2016

Kick the digital addiction habit

We recently launched our R1 insurance, which lets you add cover for your Apple watch (and a few other things) to your car cover, and we got to talking about how deeply embedded technology is into our lives. Literally, your Apply watch can track your health activity, keep comms with friends and colleagues, run a wide range of apps… And even make retail payments. As in, you can pay with your wrist. Straight outta Tom Cruise sci-fi movie.

Honestly, none of us could remember the last time we switched off any of our devices for a few minutes, let alone 24 hours. Can you? If the answer is, “Nope,” then like us, you might want to consider a digital detox.

Thanks to the evolvement of technology, we’re up to our eyeballs in all things digital. We have new opportunities to save time, save money, connect with friends and family, run businesses, and find soul mates… But we also run the risk of becoming “digital addicts”.

Look, we totally understand that with so much of life facilitated by digital it’s natural to spend a lot of time on our screens. But what about when a little “screen-time” leads to “multi-screening,” like when you use your smartphone while watching TV?

Here’s how to check if you’ve become a digital addict:

  1. Constantly preoccupied with your device/s, whether you’re on or offline.
  2. You use your devices as soon as you wake up and before you go to sleep.
  3. Tend to use your devices no matter where you are, including important events.
  4. Would rather lie about what you’re doing than admit to using your devices.
  5. Easily irritable or moody if you can’t use your devices or if this time is interrupted.
  6. You lose track of time when using your devices and spend more time than originally intended.

Do any of these statements ring true for you? Yup. That’s what we thought. You, friend, need some screen-free time.

Here’s how to have a digital detox:

  1. Pre-broadcast your detox and give an alternative form of communication for emergencies.
  2. Switch off all screens, including your mobiles, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.
  3. Stay practical and buy an alarm clock. It’ll also help you avoid checking your phone.
  4. The time frame should be around 24 hours long as a minimum.
  5. Welcome the quiet and don’t be afraid of boredom. Unoccupied moments can lead anywhere, so let these take you where they may.

A digital detox is a great way to keep things in check and stay balanced in a wired world. It helps us recharge, become more productive, and gives us the chance to spend time on the things and people who matter to us. And while your precious screens are out of sight, doesn’t mean that they’re out of mind. Well, for us anyway. Because our portable possessions and R1 insurance products are on the case, 24/7/365, giving you peace of mind that loss, accidental damage, and theft is covered.

Now, go off and enjoy having an entire conversation without your phone pinging every 5 minutes.