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Understanding your exclusions

Every single day King Price pays out R1 million in claims…. Claims for car accidents, for stolen cars, for break-ins and for building damage, you name the disaster and we’ll be there, next to our clients, giving them a hand, however we can.

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What does ‘retail value’ really mean?

So, King Price insures your car for its full retail value at the time of the incident (the theft or the accident). Awesome, right? Yeah! We only insure for retail value currently. But what does it actually mean?

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The king lets you choose your own excess

Over here in the kingdom of King Price, we like to try to give you as many options as we can. We’re not just talking about ‘chicken or beef’ choice, we’re talking real choice that makes a real difference to your pocket, and to your life. As you probably already know, your basic car excess is the amount of money […]

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How to save money on your home contents insurance

Between etolls and inflation, we’re all looking for ways to save a little extra every month. Sometimes that means cutting back on how often you eat out, buying a cheaper shampoo, or waiting for that latest block buster to come out on DVD, instead of seeing it on the big screen…. But sometimes, it can mean upgrading your home a […]

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Protect your treasure with home contents insurance

Your home is your castle, and you’ve worked hard to fill it with all of your favourite kinds of treasure- treasure that has come to mean a lot to you. Whether your particular treasure is a collection of video games, a wardrobe full of designer shoes, or an assortment of ceramic chickens from around the world, King Price offers home […]

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The ultimate holiday checklist

Going on holiday is all about taking a break from the buzz and bustle of daily life. And when you’re on vacation, you shouldn’t be stressed about whether or not your house and belongings are safe. Here’s our nifty holiday checklist to ensure that, wherever you are, your possessions are protected so you can have a worry-free vacation…

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