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23Jul 2014
Why it’s a good idea to get the king’s cab with your car insurance

Good ideas are hard to come by… I mean, there are plenty of ideas to be had, but very few of them are good. Take a look at an idea I came up with last night: A series of phrase books to allow dog owners to communicate better with their pets. The first edition will […]

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16Jul 2014
Why being underinsured sucks

The whole point of buying insurance is to protect yourself from financial loss in case your stuff (like your car, the stuff your carry on you all day, the things in your house, and even your house itself) gets damaged or stolen. Because you can’t physically see the protection that your insurance policy provides*, it […]

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09Jul 2014
Introducing our Brand New Ad Campaign

As you’ll know by now if you follow me on Facebook and Twitter (and if you don’t, then please do? I want to be friends with you), King Price recently launched our brand spanking new advert on TV. King Price turned 2 this year and to recognise how far we’ve come, we wanted to update […]

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03Jul 2014
R1 Insurance from King Price

You know how grandparents are always moaning about how expensive everything is? How ‘back in their day’, you could go to the movies for 17 cents, buy a coke for 5 cents, a deposit on a car would cost you a whole R15 and a stick of chewing gum… Well, times change (as does the […]

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27Jun 2014
How car insurance saves you money

While you might not notice it immediately, car insurance does save you a considerable amount of money. Yes, you’re paying monthly premiums, and hopefully won’t ever need to claim, but you’re not looking at the bigger picture. Having your vehicle covered protects you from a variety of possible circumstances that you face every day. What […]

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27Jun 2014
What is the Ombudsman?

The insurance ombudsman in South Africa is a public advocate who investigates complaints against organisations and businesses. The ombudsman is not just one guy…  In fact, sometimes he’s a she. These individuals are found in all major areas and you can always approach them, whether it’s for help with life or motor vehicle insurance cover. […]

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