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R1 Insurance from King Price

You know how grandparents are always moaning about how expensive everything is? How ‘back in their day’, you could go to the movies for 17 cents, buy a coke for 5 cents, a deposit on a car would cost you a whole R15 and a stick of chewing gum… Well, times change (as does the rate of inflation) and things […]

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How car insurance saves you money

While you might not notice it immediately, car insurance does save you a considerable amount of money. Yes, you’re paying monthly premiums, and hopefully won’t ever need to claim, but you’re not looking at the bigger picture. Having your vehicle covered protects you from a variety of possible circumstances that you face every day. What do we mean?  Well here […]

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What is the Ombudsman?

The insurance ombudsman in South Africa is a public advocate who investigates complaints against organisations and businesses. The ombudsman is not just one guy…  In fact, sometimes he’s a she. These individuals are found in all major areas and you can always approach them, whether it’s for help with life or motor vehicle insurance cover. They’re completely independent and work […]

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How roadworthy is your car?

The South African economy forks out over 300 billion Rand each year on car accidents. In addition to drunken driving, a major factor in these incidents is that many of the vehicles aren’t roadworthy. So maybe it’s time to ask yourself if your car is in tip-top working condition.

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Protect your Caravan Kingdom

If you’re planning on hitting the road for a holiday, you should make sure your caravan insurance is up to date. Even if you’re an experienced driver with a history of towing, the risks associated with long trips should not be underestimated. What could go wrong? Whether you’re caravanning up to your favourite camping spot or planning a road trip, […]

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Car Insurance and the Law

Having car insurance in South Africa can significantly help you if you’re involved in an unfortunate vehicle-related incident. In 2013, the International Transport Forum’s (ITF) Annual Road Safety Report estimated the economic cost of accidents to be R307-billion each year. Such alarming figures make it essential to have cover, but how do you choose? An encouraging factor when deciding on […]

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