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09Nov 2016

Peter de Villiers is back with more mo-tivating advice

“All hair should be treated equally, and be given equal growth opportunity”, this is Peter de Villiers, former Springbok rugby coach and world renowned moustache expert’s advice in the month when the mo is the mostest.

Following on the video-parody that’s been catching mo-mentum on social media with almost 50 000 views, King Price Insurance releases the second video in a series of four that will be published by the tongue-in-the-cheek insurer during the month.

In the first video Villiers encouraged South African men not to be content with close shaves, but to get back to a time when South African men were feared and respected for their moustaches, sharing his advice for maintaining a MO-tivating stash. Or was he talking rugby?

“If you have an under-growing and under-performing moustache, you can’t just blame the moustache. It’s the management. The moustache can only perform with good management. You need the best clippers, scissors, combs and razors… you can’t use a stick and expect results.”

In the video he claims that, “some of the best managed moustaches that I’ve seen in my travels are all black,” and that ‘…nowadays even the Japanese make ours look weak.”

Now, he is back with advice on growing your mo, because “you want everyone to grow together” to “one day champion a glorious moustache”.

This time, he moves his attention away from the coaching team and tackles political issues on the field, motivating for all people of all colours to be afforded the same opportunities.

Because it’s #snorre good idea to cut your mo this November, “one of the most important things with a moustache is growth.”

Check out the video on or to get first-hand advice from Peter de Villiers on how to give all your hair equal growth opportunities.