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Car Insurance Quotes
03Jul 2014

R1 Insurance from King Price

You know how grandparents are always moaning about how expensive everything is? How ‘back in their day’, you could go to the movies for 17 cents, buy a coke for 5 cents, a deposit on a car would cost you a whole R15 and a stick of chewing gum…

Well, times change (as does the rate of inflation) and things get more expensive. In fact, I’d say it’s almost impossible to buy anything for R1 these days…. Except for maybe those hard Wilson’s toffees from the garage, which are delicious (unless they’re banana-flavoured blegh). Then again, they do tend to get stuck in your fillings… So they’re probably not such a great buy after all.

But if you’ve got car insurance with King Price, you can still get something (and something really cool, even if we do say so ourselves) for just R1. You can insure your valuable hearing aid, your shiny new bicycle, or your prized golf clubs for just R1 a month.

Those are some pretty specific items, I can hear you saying (I have magic ears) why those things in particular? Well, here’s the thing, we’d really like to offer you R1 insurance on ALL of your fancy grown-up toys and gadgets, because we know how important they are to keeping your inner child happy…. But we had to start somewhere. So, we picked a range of items that you might not always think to insure (unlike your cellphone or laptop, which are, like, lank obvious), but which can still be really costly and inconvenient to repair and replace.

Clever, hey?

So not only do you get super cheap insurance that decreases monthly, (sorry but trying to keep/build the campaign line) you also get to insure a whole extra asset for less than it costs to park at Sandton City for 30 minutes.

So get a quote on your car insurance from the king to take advantage of our R1 insurance deal…

To keep it short as per Gideon’s comments