Super cheap insurance premiums that decrease monthly…

Your car is worth less every month... Which is why, at King Price Insurance, we think it’s fair and logical that we decrease your monthly car insurance premium too.


Why not enjoy the same, fully comprehensive car cover that you are paying for now, just cheaper?

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The king's insurance products

So we'll give you super cheap car insurance that decreases every month... That's cool. But what about all your other stuff?

Car insurance

The only insurer in SA that DECREASES your premiums monthly as your car's value depreciates.

Buildings insurance

Say 'NO' to all the smoke and stop paying for what you don't need or for benefits that you will never use!

Home contents insurance

We're super cheap and proud of it! Put us to the test and get a quote for your home contents insurance now.

Portable insurance

Say bye to crazy high insurance premiums for your precious portable possessions and start saving today.

Trailer insurance

Let's help you start saving. All you have to do is contact us to get hitched to the best deal on trailer insurance.

Caravan insurance

You can literally get a quote in minutes and start saving money on your caravan insurance straight away.

Still not convinced?

See what some of our clients has to say about our super cheap insurance...


What a breeze. Anieka Lekay got real empathy with her clients and gives the best and friendliest service. King Price was my best move in 15years of car insurance. Other companies over promise and under deliver. Not The King!!!

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These days no service provider really goes the extra mile anymore but Nomkhosi is a true Gem to King Price.

I would recommend her to everyone that want to take out short term insurance without the hassle :) :) :) :)

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I was the unfortunate victim of a motor vehicle break-in and had to submit a claim with King Price. The whole process was dealt with in a friendly and professional manner and I would recommend King Price to anybody. Can't thank you enough!

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