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The Urbanise platform

The Urbanise platform

Urbanise, the cloud, the king, and your community... Everyone is connected, all the time

In a nutshell

Your managing agent has invested in Urbanise, which is the smartest property management software in the cloud. For you and your community scheme, this means more convenience, greater transparency, superior operational support, seamless communication and total control... Especially when you add the king to the mix.

It's instant, simple and smart... Just the way we like it

Urbanise is set to simplify community living and take it to the next level. For starters, it's cloud-based... So, you can access your scheme's accounts and transactions, maintenance updates, progress reports, and other important info, anywhere, anytime, in real-time. This reduces managerial workloads, improves business efficiencies and boosts your service experience.

You, your managing agent, and your unit owners and tenants, also have secure access to a website that's unique to your community and aimed at streamlining maintenance processes and enhancing your living experience.

A global solution to make your world better

Urbanise is a highly successful global platform with countless user-centric benefits. This is why we developed our community insurance to run on Urbanise. Our clients have real-time access to their policy documentation, claims info and policy updates, with links to the risk management and maintenance solutions that we offer… All in 1 easy-to-use place and just a click away, 24/7.

Looking at the big picture, our collaboration with Urbanise allows King Price to collect data that enables us to price risks more accurately. We're also able to incentivise and reward good risk management and efficient maintenance by communities that are on the portal.

And this is just the beginning... Global developments like 'connected units' and 'smart buildings' are changing community living, and our partnership with Urbanise allows us, and you, to stay on top of these forward-thinking trends.

Smart technology for smart communities

Urbanise has developed monitoring technology that uses sensors which communicate wirelessly to relay data to a central platform. This is proving critical in managing risks like fire and water leaks. These sensors also alert us immediately about things like water leaks, geyser overflows and smoke damage, before they cause major damage... Enabling us to prevent and manage risks before disaster strikes.

The sensors are inexpensive and are easy to retro-fit. And, because they're part of our offering on Urbanise, you'll be able to access their real-time data on your smartphone or tablet.

You can take this benefit to the bank

Urbanise also makes it easy to budget for both your administrative and reserve accounts every year. Your managing agent, body corporate and trustees are able to see the funds and the cost allocations, while payments from these accounts are facilitated and automated using a host-to-host payment system.

Why fight risk when we can manage it together

We've automated preventative maintenance and non-scheduled maintenance activities like the generation of work orders, tracking of scheduled services, repair histories, and contractor up- and down-times. All this info is included in our monthly report to you… It ensures that jobs, call-outs and scheduled maintenance are completed on time and in budget.

Our community insurance and maintenance solutions all use Urbanise to unite people with info, activities and processes. It's all automated, it's all online, and it's all available for your community to view and check, any time.

Urbanise connects everyone, all the time