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Marine insurance

You’ve got the cargo, we’ve got the goods

In a nutshell

King Price marine insurance covers your cargo, consignments and containers, no matter the means of conveyance. From coal to cotton, ore to oranges, gadgets to glass… If you need to move it from A to B, via F and G, on a boat, plane, train or truck, we’ve got the cover you need.

What’s covered by the king

The king insures the following marine risks:

We know what you need

Our specialist marine insurance team knows your industry… And the challenges, risks and threats that you face. And, when you put your cargo, consignments, containers and means of conveyance in the king’s capable hands, we’ll make it our business to get to know you and your business, too. Because you’re unique and so are your needs.

The 1 rule of marine insurance

There’s really only 1 rule when you trust us to insure your marine risks... Get your broker on board! To protect you, we only work through brokers who are qualified to advise best on your risks and needs. If you don't have a broker, no problem, we'll hook you up with a firm that ‘gets you' and your business.