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King Price xtreme

In a nutshell

Sure, offering decreasing premiums and R1 insurance might seem a bit #xtreme... But who ever made a difference by playing it safe? Not the first person to hop on a unicycle and juggle flaming torches, that’s for sure. And definitely not our KP xtreme team... When we’re not changing the face of insurance, we’re getting our hands dirty at Super GP, F400 and other sporting events. If it requires a car, motorbike, superbike, kart (or anything with an engine, really) we’re in!

Tearing it up on the track

Our KP xtreme Yamaha team has 2 riders, each competing in different classes of the SA Superbike Series: Dino Iozzo and Clint Seller (5 time Superbike champ in SA).

Keep an eye on our King Price Xtreme Facebook page for updates.

Support our King Price xtreme team headed by Clint of Seller Racing.








F400 madness

The King Price xtreme F400 karting challenge was first introduced as a way of bridging the gap between professional leagues and corporate karting. Now, it’s possibly the largest karting club in SA! Our last karting event of 2018, saw 60 karts and 100 drivers hurtling around the track!

Dying to get in on the karting madness? Register for the king’s karting challenge!

Visit our karting club’s Facebook page to see what our team gets up to.