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Car Insurance Quotes

Frequently asked car insurance questions

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Car insurance

  • Question : What is the difference between the retail, trade and market value of my car?
  • Question: Am I insured anywhere else in Africa?
  • Question: What is the difference between private and business use of my car?
  • Question: Are imported cars covered?
  • Question: Will King Price pay for car hire while I'm waiting for my car to be replaced or repaired?

Insurance contracts

  • Question: Do I need to sign any documentation when I apply for insurance cover with King Price?


  • Question: What is an excess?
  • Question: Is there a benefit in selecting a higher voluntary excess?
  • Question: Why should I still pay excess when it is not my fault?


  • Question: How will I be compensated for loss of or damage to any of my insured items such as my car, building, home contents, and portable possessions and so on?

Security devices

  • Question: Why do I need to install extra security devices in my car/home?

The king's emergency assist

  • Question: In the case of an accident or a breakdown, how long will I wait for a towing operator to come and tow my car in?
  • Question: Is there a limit to the number of times that I may make use of the King Price emergency assist services?
  • Question: Will I be able to make use of the King Price emergency assist services when I am driving someone else's car?