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An unlikely fairytale

Once upon a time…


Not so long ago, the kingdom of Mzansi was ruled by a ruthless band of greedy corporates... Let's call them the fat cats

These fat cats forced the rainbow people of Mzansi to hand over large chunks of their wages every month in exchange for protection against the dangers along the unpredictable roads that criss-cross the land. 'Insurance', they called it.

The system made the fat cats richer and the people of the rainbow nation poorer. It wasn't fair, but that's how it was.

‘This is how we've always done things,' the people sadly shrugged.

But, things were about to change

A young squire to the fat cats, a visionary named Gideon Galloway, got gatvol. 'There has to be a better way,' he thought.

You see, Gideon knew that cars are worth less each month... So, he asked, ‘Why should we have to keep paying more to protect them?'

He brainstormed through long nights, fuelled by the fire in his heart and, occasionally, by the juice of the bulls that are red... Until he had a light-bulb moment. 'Ah ha!' he yelled. 'I've got it!' (He would've yelled 'Eureka!' but some 1 else already had, and he likes to be original.)


The appreciation of depreciation

Gideon gathered a band of merry men and women, and they disappeared for 3 years. Gone. Poof! No 1 knew where they were or what they were doing, except that they were working on something big.

He and his team found a way for the rainbow people to pay less. And even less the next month. And even less the month after that... Genius!

They joined forces with a neighbouring kingdom, Munich RE, a world leader in reinsurance. Munich RE promised to back Gideon's plan for the people of Mzansi.

Then, 2 noble knights, Gauche Radley on behalf of the house of Mertech, and Stefan van der Walt from the Premium Group empire, pledged their support and funding, and Gideon embarked on a 4-year-long quest for even more funding.

And, so it was that King Price was launched on 2 June 2012!

The fat cats have retreated with their tails between their legs. And, with more coins in their pockets, the people of the rainbow are prospering... Happy and safe with the king of price.

The true King of King Price

The people wanted to crown Gideon 'the King of Insurance'. But he refused the title and decreed that every 1 must always spell both 'king' and 'kingdom' with a small 'k', so as never to forget who the true King really is.

'There is only 1 King, and He is the only King. This is the King with a capital 'K'. He is our Creator, who gave us the strength and faith to start this journey. We are merely His stewards and humble servants. And, although we might make mistakes along the way, we're committed to staying on this path and living passionately and with purpose. All honour to Him.'

Our history

Let's take a trip down memory lane.
June 2015

3rd Birthday

King Price turns 3.
May 2015

500 Employees

The King Price family expands to 500 employees. Around the same time, King Price is invited to present at the international Munich-Re motor insurance conference.
November 2014

10 000 Likes!

Online, the king is a hit with 10 000 Facebook fans.
September 2014

100 000 Policies sold

The court celebrates 100 000 policies sold and launches a new TV campaign which attracts more than 1,2 mil views on Youtube.
June 2014

2nd Birthday

King Price turns 2.
April 2014

Award winners

King Price takes home the award for Best Short-Term Insurer and Best new Comer (across all industries) at the South African Service Awards.
August 2013

R1 insurance

King Price launches R1 insurance for bikes, golf clubs, and even hearing aid!
June 2013

1st Birthday

King Price turns 1.
September 2012

5000 Policies sold

King Price celebrates 5000 policies sold.
June 2012


King Price Insurance launches with a first in SA insurance history; super cheap premiums that decrease monthly!