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Lower premiums; higher purpose. See how King Price Insurance is #MakingADifference.

In a nutshell

Some companies call it ‘corporate social responsibility'... We call it #MakingADifference and 1 of our favourite family values is ‘live with purpose'. So, to us, it's not just a bunch of words!

What we do as a business makes a difference in the lives of all our clients, every day. Not only do we save them money by providing fair and logical insurance but we give them advice that enables them to make the best decisions about their insurance needs. We also do whatever we can to deliver on our promise of award-winning royal service all the time, every time, to help make their lives a little easier and to give them something to smile about.

It's why we started our company, and it's the reason we get up in the morning!

Even the way our company is structured is aimed at #MakingADifference in some 1's life, every day, and a percentage of our profit is dedicated to changing lives for South Africans who need a hand-up rather than a hand-out... Because we're not just about making life a little better for our clients, staff and shareholders, we want to impact our country and, in time, the world.

Our business is insurance but we're in the business of making a difference. Our vision is to change the world, 1 decreasing premium at a time. We're all about #MakingADifference by doing things differently and paying it forward. We're here to leave a legacy.

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