We're here to change the world, 1 decreasing premium at a time

In a nutshell

Some companies call it ‘corporate social responsibility'... We call it #MakingADifference and 1 of our favourite family values is ‘live with purpose'. These both support our vison: Lower premiums: Higher purpose.

What we do as a business makes a difference in the lives of all our clients, every day. Not only do we save them money with our decreasing premiums, but we give them advice that enables them to make the best decisions about their insurance needs. We also do whatever we can to deliver on our promise of royal service all the time, every time, to help make their lives a little easier and to give them something to smile about.

It's why we started our company, and it's the reason we get up in the morning!

Even the way our company is structured is aimed at #MakingADifference in someone's life, every day. Through some of our shareholders, a percentage of our profit is dedicated to changing lives for South Africans who need a hand-up rather than a hand-out... Because we're not just about making life a little better for our clients, staff and shareholders, we want to impact our country and, in time, the world.

Our business is insurance but also we're in the business of #MakingADifference. We're all about paying it forward. We're here to leave a legacy.

How to donate
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You know that your car loses value from day 1, right? So, why pay premiums that only ever increase? We're the only insurer to offer insurance that decreases monthly as your car loses value. We just think it makes sense!

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Get to know our charities

A quick look into the initiatives we support

Mergon on #makingadifference

How it works

More #makingadifference campaigns

Media meets #MakingADifference

Nothing beats knowing we've changed someone's life for the better. But the 1 feeling that comes pretty close? Working with a big-hearted company that embraces our family values!

Meet ByDesign Communications, a top-notch media relations company, and partner of the king. The heroes at ByDesign not only do amazing work for our kingdom, they also empower our youth by offering learnerships and bursaries to struggling students… Just 1 of the many reasons why we <3 them!

Mergon Foundation & Nation Builder

The Mertech Group, an important shareholder in King Price, is majorly held by the Mergon Foundation, a non-profit organisation that's been funding churches and grassroots organisations since 1982. Mertech also funds Nation Builder, which enables businesses to maximise their social impact by supplying them with expert resources and connecting them to like-minded partners. The group is also aligned with Muthobi, which connects community projects to corporate and private donors.

Reach For a Dream

Reach For a Dream makes dreams come true for children with terminal illnesses and we're proud to work with them to help put smiles on little faces. Even the smallest donation can help enrich a sick child's life and provide some magical moments.


Blanket drive

Every winter, we collect blankets for people in need, so that some of those who're looked after by charities can go to bed happier, warmer and better off than the night before!

'I wish that everyone could see the amazing work these charities do with so little. They serve people in need with such unbelievable love, dedication and humility!' - Natalie Graham (who co-ordinates this drive for us).

Santa shoebox

You know that pile of pressies under your tree on Christmas morning? Well, our country has too many children who can't count on getting even 1 pressie... Children who don't have much to call their own, to start with. This is why we support Santa Shoebox every year.

Potjiekos competition

In 2018, we challenged our broker partners and other royal family members to a potjiekos cook-off… For charity. As you know, potjiekos takes a loooong time to cook properly, and it turned out to be a loooong day. But, the music was going, the drinks were flowing, and everyone had a great day. We also raised R60,000 which was split into equal donations to Skye Bennett, Mihla Engelbrecht and Huis Quanessa.

Staff lovin

We sometimes refer to our 7 family values as ‘the 7 wonders of our world'. But, actually, there are more than 700 wonders of our King Price world. Yup, each and every single 1 of our staff members is a wonder, a marvel, a blessing, a walking and talking example of the values we hold so dear... Especially when it comes to living with purpose and #MakingADifference!


Helping a little boy live longer

Early in 2018, Leo-Nardo Czovek was 4-years-old, weighed only 9kg, and had several life-threating conditions, including severe scoliosis of the spine, which affected his movement. His lungs were visible outside his chest and faced the wrong direction, so he struggled to breathe. He also has an enlarged heart and spleen. We decided to help make a big operation happen. Read more...


Helping a little boy live longer

Early in 2018, Leo-Nardo Czovek was 4-years-old, weighed only 9kg, and had several life-threating conditions, including severe scoliosis of the spine, which affected his movement. His lungs were visible outside his chest and faced the wrong direction, so he struggled to breathe. He also has an enlarged heart and spleen. We decided to help make a big operation happen. Read more...


Sweet Mihla

4-year-old Mihla Engelbrecht was diagnosed with cerebral neuroblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer, in 2016. Her parents raised R1.6 million for the many treatments she needed, but were still over R6 million short. We paid them a visit with a humble donation of R20,000, R5,000 from The Caring Daisies, and her own special King Price bear from Build-A-Bear… For big hugs and soft cuddles at difficult times.

Skye, we hear you

Skye Bennett was found to be deaf when she was just 2. Since then, her life has been an unending round of surgical procedures, and speech and occupational therapy. A successful cochlear implant and sensory integration skills help her to cope in a mainstream school, where her speech and communication skills have blossomed to the extent that many people don't realise that her hearing is impaired.

In 2017, we humbly donated R20,000 towards Skye's fees at Hatfield Christian School, which her parents describe as ‘the perfect environment for her to learn and grow.'


In 2017, OUTsurance kidnapped our king and held him to ransom. To ensure his safe return, we donated R10,000 to a charity that they support, which they matched. All's well that ends well!

Umbrella day

We've got our community covered, on #UmbrellaDay, every day, and especially, on rainy days.

Mandela day

Mandela day is a world-wide campaign that spreads the message that change starts with each one of us. The initiative asks everyone to donate 67 minutes of their time on Mandela's birthday (18 July) to start making a difference. We wouldn't feel right shutting our business down for 67 minutes, so, each year, we ask our staff to participate in some other way.


Blood drives

It's a little-known fact that superheroes donate blood whenever they can! So, we host the SANBS in our kingdom every 2 months-or-so, to make it easy for our superheroes to donate their pint. (Wearing their undies on the outside while they do it is optional!)

Donation dance

Our Cape provinces faced a severe water crisis in the first half of 2018… So we challenged all of South Africa to do a ‘donation dance'. For every donation dance video posted online, we donated 5L of water to the affected area. Our effort was a drop in the ocean, so to speak, but it made life a bit easier for 1,000s of people.

Huis Quanessa

Huis Quanessa is a special care unit in Pretoria that looks after disabled children under the age of 16, 24 hours a day. They do this without any compensation, and in many cases the parents are unable to contribute.


Record breakers

Broken pencils are pointless. And so is #MakingADifference if it's not putting a smile on someone's face! That's why we said yes when Toys of Africa asked us to get involved in a world record attempt for the longest line of pencils. The kicker was thaty the record attempt was also a fundraiser for a great cause. How could we say ‘no' to the prospect of providing 100,000 children with the necessary stationery to write their year-end exams?
(As for the record? We think we broke it, but we're still waiting for feedback. Write on!)

Shoes of hope

The king partnered up with Samaritan's Feet to put a spring in the step of 500 children living in Mbekweni. For these children, the daily walk to school is a struggle as many of them don't even own a pair of shoes.
Now, thanks to the king and Samaritan's Feet ‘Shoes of Hope' project (which spreads a message of hope by giving underprivileged children a pair of school shoes) these children are walking to school with smiles on their faces and hope in their hearts.

Spreading the love

The king and his court collected food, clothes and other goodies for Spreading the Love, a non-profit organisation caring for those in need. From babies, to toddlers, to the elderly, Spreading the Love opens their hearts to anyone in need. So, we decided to open our hearts to them!