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King Price’s women are breaking glass ceilings in the insurance industry

20 August 2019

Our kingdom’s all about disrupting the status quo. So, challenging SA’s male-dominated insurance industry by appointing inspiring female leaders is totes up our alley!


Women are a safer bet for insurers

20 August 2019

Here’s what the stats say about women behind the wheel.


My brilliant career: Placing a premium on innovation in insurance

18 August 2019

Our king and CEO, Gideon Galloway, talks insurance, what he loves about his job and more in this interview with Sunday Times. Read on for an inspiration overload!


King Price: 7 years of marketing mayhem

12 August 2019

From our moving billboards to our tongue-in-cheek ads… Our kingdom’s been rocking the boat with low-cost, innovative marketing campaigns since day 1. And this is only just the beginning.


The ‘big 5’ obligations of short-term insurance

7 August 2019

Insurance is a 2-way street. While your insurer agrees to cover you against loss or damage you, in turn, need to honour this agreement by doing certain things… Like paying your premium on time.


King Price takes the eina out of pesky scratches and dents

July 2019

Gone are the days when ‘dings’, dents, chips and scratches spelled disaster for your car’s flawless paintjob. The king’s all-new scratch and dent cover smooths them right over!


6 ways to save money on car insurance

9 July 2019

Stop forking over more than you can afford for car insurance, and start saving with these top tips.


King Price targets agri sector with innovative offering

8 July 2019

Meet our udder-ly amazing agri cover! This tailor-made insurance comes with a ‘low claim benefit’, cover tailored to your business’ needs and benefits not offered by any other insurer in SA.


King Price targets life insurance market with bid for Stangen

2 July 2019

We first entered the world of short term insurance back in 2012. Now, 7 years later, our kingdom’s ready to take the long term insurance industry by storm too.


King Price launches new offering to keep SA’s watercraft owners afloat

6 May 2019

Making waves in the world of insurance, 1 affordable offering at a time… Here’s what you need to know about our brand spanking new watercraft cover.


King Price delivers SA’s best customer experience, says new award

30 April 2019

When it comes to delivering royal service, we go above and beyond to put a smile on our clients’ faces. Lately we’ve been doing this by using groundbreaking tech to speed up our claims process!


King Price to bid up to R2 billion for Alexander Forbes’ short term insurance

25 April 2019

Industry-leading tech, a unique company culture and a whopping R2 billion… These are just some of the things the king has to offer in the bid for insurance giant Alexander Forbes’ short term business.


6 tips to stay safe on the roads this Easter

18 April 2018

Hitting the road for the Easter holidays? Read up on these 4 life-saving tips before you do.


Living the millennial dream

15 April 2019

Seen as a cultural beacon in the corporate world, millennials are flocking to the kingdom that offers employees free popcorn, slushies and a purpose that’ll live on for decades to come.


New King Price xtreme superbike team off to a flying start

12 April 2019

The king’s got a new racing team! And, with a 5-time superbike champ and an up-and-coming protégé backing the king on the track, it’s safe to say the season’s going to be #xtreme


Minor spend equals major impact for the king of insurance

5 April 2019

Less is more. Point in case? The king’s hilarious and memorable ads backed by a no-frills budget.


The AI revolution is here, and you’re going to love it

6 March 2019

More and more insurance companies are incorporating chatbots, black boxes and other tech into their day-to-day business. And it’s the ultimate game-changer.


South Africa a high target for cyber attacks

5 February 2019

Cyber crime’s at an all-time high, with an alarming number of incidents affecting businesses in SA. The best line of defence? A cyber security strategy and top-notch cyber cover.


Insurance traps to steer clear of

January 2019

Insurance can be tricky. Especially if you’ve never had cover before. And even if you have, it’s enough to trip any 1 up. Here are some of the classic insurance pitfalls to avoid.


King Price named SA’s most innovative insurer

13 November 2018

Innovation’s been at the heart of our business ever since we launched our industry-first decreasing premiums. Now, thanks to The Global Brand Magazine, it’s award-official!


King Price unleashes fire and fury on home contents insurance market

13 September 2018

Back in 2016, devastating fires laid waste to large parts of Knysna. Now, 2 years later, the king’s clapping back with the perfect product: Fire and fury home contents cover.