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The king’s ‘savvy in 60’ video series aims to help you understand common insurance lingo, why having cover is super important, and how our decreasing premiums work. Ready to get savvy? Click away:

Decreasing premiums

Keen to pay less for car insurance every month? Well grab a cuppa and pull up a chair… We’re taking a look at how King Price’s decreasing premiums work, why it just makes sense, and how you can get it.

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What is insurance

In this episode, we unpack what insurance is, why it’s an absolute must-have and how you can cover your possessions with the king.

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What’s an excess

Whether you’re not-too-sure what an ‘excess’ is, or simply curious about the pros and cons of adjusting your excess… We cover everything you need to know in this episode of savvy in 60.

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Car insurance savvy

Your car insurance questions answered in 60 seconds:

Regular driver

Scratching your head over the term ‘regular driver’? Don’t sweat it! In this episode we break down what the term ‘regular driver’ means, why it matters and how it affects your insurance.

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Tyre and rim cover

Ready for a 60-second crash course on the king’s super cheap tyre and rim insurance? Then pop on that helmet, strap yourself in, and let’s get savvy.

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‘Pay per k’ car insurance

Meet King Price’s sizzling-hot (and saving-savvy) chilli ‘pay per k’ car insurance! Here, we take a look at everything you need to know about chilli, including how to get it and start saving