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In a nutshell

Sometimes, it’s not just about what you do, it’s also about how you do it… And have you ever wondered how you would do it if all your stuff was stolen or damaged? Luckily, the king has a back-up plan. We’ll cover your office contents, rent and alternative premises, documents and legal liability related to documents, and increased cost of working, so that you can keep doing what you do.

Office contents cover

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You can cover the following under our ‘Office contents’ section:

  • Office contents.
  • Rent and alternative premises.
  • Documents.
  • Legal liability (documents).
  • Increased cost of working.

Office contents

Your office contents are covered against:

  • Fire, lightning or thunderbolt, subterranean fire or explosion.
  • Storm, wind, water, hail or snow.
  • Earthquake (excluding underground workings of any mine).
  • Impact by animals, trees, aerials, satellite dishes, or cars.
  • Aircraft damage and other aerial devices or items dropped from them.
  • Accidental damage/breakage of mirror glass, plate glass tops to furniture, or fixed glass which forms part of any item of furniture.
  • Intentional acts.

Rent and alternative premises

In terms of rent you’re covered for the amount you would’ve received during the time it takes to make the building habitable again, the part of the building that’s actually tenanted and a maximum of 25% of the sum insured.

In terms of alternative premises you’re covered for the actual rental amount payable by you during the time it takes to make the building habitable again and a maximum of 25% of the sum insured.


You’re covered against the loss of, or damage to, documents due to any incident that’s not specifically excluded.

Legal liability

You’re covered against legal liability to others, caused directly by the loss of, or damage to, documents, that you can claim for under ‘Documents’.

Increased cost of working

You’re covered against:

  • Alteration and misdescription.
  • Load shedding power surges.
  • Malicious damage.
  • Prevention of access: Rent.
  • The actions of tenants.

You’re also covered for:

  • Capital additions.
  • Demolition and clearing costs.
  • Fire extinguishing charges.
  • Reinstatements and replacements.
  • Temporary repairs.
  • Removing property temporarily.

As well as loss, or damage to:

  • Money, stamps, documents manuscripts, plans, business books, designs, patterns, models and moulds, computer system records and media.
  • Skeleton keys.
  • Your, your directors’, members’, employees’ belongings and tools.
  • Locks and keys.
  • New and additional premises.

Loss or damage to property due to or caused by

  • A tidal wave originating from an earthquake.
  • The use, or application, of water.
  • The underground workings of any mine.
  • Subsidence or landslip.
  • Gradual deterioration or wear and tear.
  • Electric, electronic or magnetic injury, disturbance or erasure of electronic or magnetic recordings, except when caused by lightning.
  • You, your principals, partners, members and directors, intentionally.
  • Vermin, inherent defect, or the processing or copying of other work upon the documents.
  • Your principal, partner, member or director, being dishonest, whether acting alone or in collusion with others.
  • Costs, charges and expense, being incurred to reshoot films, videos or record audio tapes again.
  • The removal or partial removal, demolition, attempted demolition or partial demolition of your building.
  • The building being unoccupied, vacant or abandoned for more than 30 consecutive days.
  • You, or with your knowledge or consent.
  • Liability which is assumed by agreement.
  • Legal liability which is covered under ‘Documents’.
  • Stoppage, slowing down, or the interruption of work or any process.
  • Incidents which occur within South Africa or Namibia, unless specific ‘Riot and strike’ cover has been obtained.
  • The detention or confiscation of money by any lawfully-constituted authority.
  • War, acts of a foreign enemy, warlike operations, military uprising, usurped power, martial law, rebellion, terrorism or revolution.
  • Volume changes in clay-based soil, or in rock, caused by changes in the moisture levels.
  • A rise in the water table or pressure caused by it.
  • Excavations (including the removal of lateral support), other than mining activities.
  • The removal or weakening of pillars.
  • Defective design, material and workmanship.
  • Normal settlement, shrinkage or expansion of the soil supporting the structures.
  • The poor compaction of soil.
  • The additional underpinning of foundations.
  • Workmen engaged in making any structural alterations, additions or repairs.
  • The act of any lawful authority in any other way dealing with any occurrence referred to in any of the clauses above.

As well as loss, or damage to

  • Money, current postage or revenue stamps, cancelled and uncancelled coupons, securities, bearer bonds or cheques.
  • Any written order to pay a sum in money, or any written evidence of indebtedness or obligation.
  • Property carried, or held, as samples.
  • Computer software and data-carrying media, unless stated otherwise on your policy schedule.
  • Cars, such as motor cars, motorised scooters, LDVs, caravans, trailers, aircraft, trucks and watercraft, and all their accessories.
  • Electronic data processing equipment and software, related hardware, peripherals and the stored information or data.
  • Stock and materials in trade.
  • Property more specifically insured.
  • Property that’s stolen, or damaged while being stolen.
  • Property that’s damaged while thieves are gaining entrance to, or exit from, the premises.
  • Drains, water courses, boundary walls, garden walls, retaining walls, gates, posts or fences.
  • Power surge/lightning strike.
  • Riot and strike.
  • Subsidence and landslip.
  • Theft with forced entry/exit.
  • Theft without forced entry/exit.