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19Sep 2018
Sectional Title Insurance
3 things you need to know about sectional title insurance

Taking the confusion out of your community cover So, you’re here because you either have grand designs on owning a community scheme, have been asked to join the body corporate of an estate, or you live in a townhouse and are curious about how your home is insured. Whatever the reason for why you’ve found […]

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18Sep 2018
business risks
10 Ways Business Insurance Mitigates Risks

All businesses face risk. There are threats everywhere, from physical damage to legal trouble to competitors selling products like yours for lower prices. There’s no way to eliminate all these risks, nor is it possible to predict or safeguard against all of them—in fact, taking risks is part of what makes entrepreneurship such a unique […]

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18Sep 2018
Insure business documents
Are my office documents insured?

Why would you choose to insure your documents? Just imagine this… What if you wanted to expand your factory and you hired an architect to draw up plans. The architect created 2 or 3 possible configurations of what your expansion could look like. It took some time and cost a fair amount of moolah, so […]

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12Sep 2018
Shortfall Cover
Does shortfall cover make sense for you?

Let’s take a hot minute to talk about shortfall cover. It’s now a thing that you can get in the insurance world. We don’t just jump on any old band wagon when it comes to insurance products. We either pioneer out-of-this-world products with ridiculously amazing benefits that make perfect sense for our clients (like our […]

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11Sep 2018
Office contents covers
So, what’s included with our office contents insurance?

When it comes to insuring your office contents, we’ve spared no detail. That’s because every business is unique and has different risks that they need to protect themselves against. For instance, while you might own a run-of-the-mill office that deals with sales and related admin, and you only want to cover the actual contents of […]

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05Sep 2018
3 reasons why scratch and dent insurance makes sense

Why on earth would you need scratch and dent insurance if you’ve chosen comprehensive cover for your car? That’s the question on everyone’s lips when they hear about scratch and dent cover. The king pondered this long and hard before deciding to launch this product and now we’re here to tell you the 3 main […]

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