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03Jul 2019
Car warranty insurance
Should you get a warranty, service plan or a maintenance plan?

We’ve got the low down on which is better   Basically, when you buy a new or a pre-loved set of wheels, your deal might include some sort of protection against unforeseen failures and the nasty little (and sometimes not so little) costs that go with it. Or you’ll be given the chance to add […]

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27Jun 2019
Wanted… Bilingual copywriter: English and Danish

King Price is the cool kid in the insurance sector. We take what we do very seriously, but ourselves… Not so much! Our marketing team is a lean, mean, communication machine. We’re small, we’re efficient, and we’re absolutely in love with our royal family of clients, potential clients, partners and providers, shareholders, and colleagues. As […]

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18Jun 2019
How age affects your insurance premium

What’s age got to do with insurance? A lot actually. How it affects your insurance tends to depend on the type of insurance we’re talking about. For instance, when it comes to life insurance, your age plays quite a big role in how much you’ll pay. It’s better to get cover as early as possible, […]

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11Jun 2019
How our South African weather affects your premiums

It seems like the world’s split down the middle when it comes to global climate conditions. From what we’ve seen on social media, you can either be a climate change denier or an activist. Or to put it another way, you either believe that we’re destroying the planet and need to change the way we […]

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10Jun 2019
New position as Software Developer

Be part of a growing organization that insists that, if work isn’t fun then you’re doing it wrong. They’re the ‘cool kid’ of the financial services sector with Google-style offices, loads of perks and ‘family values’ that drive everything they do. The IT team is young, dynamic and passionate. There’s no room for old-school and […]

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10May 2019
Winter driving
Why it’s more dangerous to drive in winter

Winter is… Well, winter’s here. The chill has set in, the warmth is all but gone, and people are pulling out their thermals. Which could be an overreaction if you live in Durban, where winter just means less humidity and the need for a slightly lower SPF. Regardless of how low the temps dip in […]

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