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Trends we’re ready to leave behind

If you’re thinking back to a time when life was simpler, then you’re not alone. It’s human nature to reflect on the past with rose-tinted goggles, remembering only the good things… The trouble is that since 2020, the world has gone through the ringer. There’s not an area of life that hasn’t been touched by the turmoil unleashed by the […]

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Surprising ways your car insurance premiums could be higher

Insurance companies in South Africa, us included, take a lot of factors into consideration when calculating the premium you’ll pay to get car insurance. Some stuff is obvious to anyone, even those who don’t know a lot about insurance, like the make, model, and value of the car itself. It’s even logical to suppose that we’ll need to know where […]

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Why you should repair small dents and scratches on your car

There’s an unpleasant scrapey sort of sound as you inch out of your parking bay. It was the only spot you could find in the whole lot, and you had to drive up and down all the levels for so long that you’d run out the clock on that first free hour in order to find it. Sure, it was […]

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Does the king care about the colour of your car

Oh gosh, yes, and let us tell you all about it. It’s not creepy, we promise. You see, it’s a common myth that the colour of your car doesn’t influence your car insurance premium. We’re not sure where it started, but the colour of your car does actually factor into the cost of your car insurance policy. It’s not like […]

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What you need to know about switching home insurance

Switching to a better home insurance policy that’s way more suitable for your valuables and way more affordable for your budget is the smart (and dare we say, obvious) choice. Sadly, a lot of consumers don’t actually know that they can switch their insurance to whichever company they want, whenever they want. And if they do know that they can […]

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Can you get your excess money back

Alright, so you probably know this by now but in case you didn’t… Whenever you submit a claim to us (or any car insurance company) you’re going to pay an excess amount. Even if the reason why you’re claiming isn’t your fault. Oh, you knew that already, did you? Well, did you know that you can sometimes get this money […]

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