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Drive less, pay less with the king’s chilli car cover

We’re turning up the heat. We’re giving you a reason to stay warm this winter. We’ve gone red-hot for savings. Okay, we’ll stop and explain, before this just gets ridiculous. Basically, we’re introducing comprehensive car insurance that could cost you R299pm… And you don’t even have to skimp on the level of cover! That means no sacrifices, just pure savings. […]

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It’s up to you to manage your fire risks

Farmers, as you well know, it’s always fire season somewhere in South Africa. Download our guides below to read more about how King Price agri insurance can help mange your fire risks. Download English version Laai Afrikaanse weergawe af

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Earn the title of ‘mommy’s favourite’

Anyone who’s had a special occasion happen during the lockdown will know that it’s not completely terrible… It’s just, how shall we put it? Different. It’s different to have a special event, like a birthday or Mother’s Day where all the guests attend via Zoom and there’s a whole cake just for you. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we […]

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Lockdown playbook for grown ups

And drum roll here’s our #lockdown playbook for adults. Because growing up is over-rated. And also because, you know, lockdown. #StayPutBeLekker #FunWithALittleMadness Download

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Kids Playbook

From the king and his family, to you and your family… Something to keep your littlies busy so you can focus on, well, staying sane while on #lockdown! #MakingADifference #StayPutBeLekker #YoureWelcome Download

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Tips to stay sane during the Coronavirus lockdown

On 23 March 2020, it might have been your birthday, your anniversary, or some other special day that was a little eclipsed by the presidential address where the nation was told that we’d be put in lockdown for 21 days. It should’ve been scary (and it kind of was) but we felt unified and proud of the measures that the […]

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