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08Feb 2018
Data scientists / business intelligence developers

Available position:  Data scientists / business intelligence developers Seniority Level: Junior – Intermediate Industry: IT, insurance Employment: Full time Job Function: Preferred qualifications:  BSc Computer Science, BCom Informatics, or relevant Microsoft certifications Skills and responsibilities: Develop and maintain data and information solutions using Microsoft SQL Business Intelligence solutions Perform analysis to understand, track and improve […]

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07Feb 2018
Love your car
Love your car in 4 steps

Love your car in 4 steps – A practical guide to reigniting that spark.   It’s here, folks. That time of year when the world turns into rose petals, romantic reservations, chocolates, and soppy love songs. Well, for some of us, that is. If you’re not into a world gone red and pink, then it’s […]

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23Nov 2017
Black Friday - Top Tips for online shopping
Black Friday – Top Tips for online shopping

Black Friday/Cyber Monday.   Black Friday tips. Before you dust off that credit card, click buy and inadvertently give some dodgy hackers your details and all your hard earned cash, make sure you know what you’re doing. Here’s the king’s guide to shop securely on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and snap up those super […]

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14Nov 2017
Car insurance is not a grudge purchase

Car insurance – Many people see car insurance as a grudge purchase but the fact is, car insurance is a must-have, especially in a country like South Africa, which has one of the highest crime and road accident rates in the world. When it comes to theft of motor vehicles and theft from motor vehicles, […]

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02Nov 2017
Decreasing insurance premiums – The how, why, and what you get

Are you tired of being ripped off? Tired of paying through the nose just for something as simple and responsible as car insurance? Well then join the club… Or rather, join the kingdom. We’re sick of car insurance premiums being so high that only those with some dosh to throw around can afford to cover […]

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29Sep 2017
Price is king and the longer you stay the less you pay

There was a time when you would receive a letter from your insurer once a year to tell you how they were going to up your car insurance premiums. Usually they would use the rate of inflation and the cost of parts to justify the increase and glide past the fact that your car’s overall […]

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