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Pay-per-click (PPC) manager needed

Join a crazy cool work family where, if work isn’t fun, then you’re doing it wrong! We’re the ‘cool kid’ of the financial services sector with a Google-like culture, loads of perks (hello, free popcorn and slushies!) and family values that drive everything we do. And now we’re looking for an awesome pay-per-click (PPC) manager! Our marketing team is young, […]

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Retentions Advisor vacancy

King Price is the cool kid in the insurance sector. We take what we do very seriously, but ourselves… Not so much! Want to be part of a crazy cool culture where smiles and high-5s are the norm? Like the idea of free popcorn and slushies? Not shy to dress up and be silly? Have a bit of a thing […]

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Savvy in 60: Regular driver

Welcome to the last segment in our ‘savvy in 60’ series, which aims to educate you on all things insurance. Today we’re looking at something called the ‘regular driver’. Simply put, the regular driver is the person who drives a car most often. And by ‘most often’ we don’t mean the person who puts the most kms on the clock… […]

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Savvy in 60: What’s an excess?

Welcome back to ‘savvy in 60’! In this series, we look at some common insurance terms and cover options to help you become more insurance savvy. The topic for the day? Excess. Now, this is a word that gets used a lot in the insurance industry. And it basically refers to the first amount you (as a client) need to […]

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Savvy in 60: Decreasing premiums

Welcome! You’re watching ‘savvy in 60’… A series that aims to make you more insurance savvy by breaking down insurance lingo, types of cover and much more. And today, we’re looking at King Price’s decreasing premium model. Yeah, you heard that right. We offer car insurance premiums that decrease monthly. The reason for this is that cars are always losing […]

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Savvy in 60: What is insurance?

Welcome back to ‘savvy in 60’… A video series that aims to educate you on all things insurance. Today we’re talking about what insurance actually is. Insurance is basically a way of protecting yourself from financial loss. Let’s say you have a car, right? While you’re on the road, you’re constantly at risk. Accidents, theft, fire… These are just some […]

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