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The top Netflix shows worth getting glued to your TV for

Welcome to your weekend Netflix binge-athon! Nothing says relaxation quite like a weekend binge of top Netflix shows, a bowl of popcorn, and your favourite spot on the couch. But with so many options available on Netflix, deciding what to watch can be quite a challenge. No worries, we’re here to help! We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by […]

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The greatest teams set for the 2023 Rugby World Cup showdown

As we eagerly anticipate the roaring scrums of the Rugby World Cup 2023 in the heart of France, it’s time we speak about those gladiators who’ll be trading tackles in their quest for global domination. Among these elite squads, 1 team stands tall, ready to spring into action: The Springboks, South Africa’s golden boys of rugby. Unleashing the power of […]

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Laughing off dents with hilarious windscreen notes

Life can sometimes take unexpected twists and turns. One moment you’re enjoying a beautiful sunny day, and the next, you’re discovering a new dent on your car with a note attached to your windscreen. As frustrating as this experience can be, it’s not always doom and gloom. The world is full of people who can inject humour into even the […]

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Smooth sailing with King Price

Ahoy there, fellow water enthusiasts! Whether you’re cruising along the breathtaking Garden Route coast or leisurely bobbing on the Vaal Dam, 1 thing is for sure: Watercraft adventures are awesome and the king is all for it. But hey, even the sturdiest ship can hit an unexpected iceberg (did someone say Titanic?), and that’s where King Price’s watercraft insurance is […]

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King Price’s emergency assist: A royal lifesaver

Whether you’re the adventurer type on the hunt for your next exploration or just an average Joe who finds watching series at home adventurous, knowing somebody’s got your back is a big relief. Thanks to the king of insurance, you can live your life (even if it’s just from the comfort of your couch) with peace of mind knowing that […]

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How to use golf lingo like a pro

If you’re new to a sport, you might not know all the rules involved. Never mind the lingo being used by the other players. When it comes to lingo, golf is in a class of its own and it can often leave newcomers bewildered. From ‘albatross’ to ‘birdie’ and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. So, grab your clubs, […]

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