Protect your treasure with home contents insurance

Your home is your castle, and you’ve worked hard to fill it with all of your favourite kinds of treasure- treasure that has come to mean a lot to you. Whether your particular treasure is a collection of video games, a wardrobe full of designer shoes, or an assortment of ceramic chickens from around the world, King Price offers home contents insurance that will cover your stuff- as well as your appliances, home electronics and furniture.

Home contents insurance basically covers all of the things that you’d have to pack with you when you move…. Which is just about everything except the kitchen sink and those things that don’t make up the physical structure of your house (which you can also insure with the king’s buildings insurance).

With home contents insurance from King Price, your stuff will be covered in the event of a theft, fire and accident (within reason… If you’ve been holding amateur WWE matches in your living room, it might be tricky to claim for that cracked flat screen).

So how do you go about getting the king’s cover for your home treasures? It’s super simple. Just download our handy inventory form and use it to tick off any and all of the items in your house. As you go, try to add a value to each item, keeping in mind the replacement value. It’s also a good idea to take some pictures of your most highly valued items such as TVs, Play stations, etc., so that you have the make and model number on hand should you one day need to claim for them. Once you’ve ticked off all the items in your house, give us a shout for a quote.

Got a thing for bling?

All of your jewellery is covered by the king, too…. Just remember that anything worth more than R15 000, needs to come with a valuation certificate, and any jewellery worth more than R35 000 needs to be specified separately on your insurance schedule, and locked in a safe when you’re not painting the town sparkly.

Need some assistance?

If you have a home contents or buildings insurance policy with the king, you get to enjoy the king’s emergency home assist up to 3 times a year for free. As your safety is our concern, always. The cover includes the call-out fee and 1 hour’s labour for:

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Locksmiths
  • Personal chefs (I’m working on it)

If you’re already with the king, then you know what it’s like to be treated like royalty- so why not give us a call and see how much more we can save you by covering the treasures inside your castle too? Unless you don’t have any insurance with King Price yet, in which case, why not leave your details with us and we’ll call you with a quote for your car and your castle.