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5 Dangerous driving distractions

Your safety is the king’s concern, always! That’s why I want to make sure that when you get behind the wheel of your car, you are fully present and focused. It’s easy, especially when you have hours of traffic, endless potholes and another set of robots out to get distracted on the roads, especially when… Hey, stop looking at your phone, I’m still talking to you!

Okay, okay, I’ll get to the point. Here are some common distractions on the road (and in your car) that could be making you a worse driver.

  1. Your phone

This is kind of an obvious one. Don’t text, talk on the phone or try to Google the football score when you’re driving. No, not even at the red light. That’s what your passengers are there to do for you…unless, of course, they also distract you.

  1. Your passengers

Your number one job on the road is to control the car and be aware of the traffic situation. Don’t feel guilty for asking your passengers to stop talking, singing, seat-dancing or otherwise distracting you if you feel your attention being torn. It’s for their safety too.

  1. Your music

There’s nothing wrong with digging your jam when you’re sitting in a traffic jam, but keep the volume turned down when you’re driving. Loud music can be very disturbing, both to those inside and outside your car….Especially when you insist on singing along. Loud music means it’s also harder to hear approaching emergency vehicles.

  1. Your lunch

You’re busy, I get that. But even if you have to take your lunch to go, you shouldn’t be trying to take a bite and make a turn at the same time. Not to mention your car’s likely to be a lot cleaner without all of those crumbs.

  1. Your mood

There’s a reason why they say ‘don’t drive angry’. When you let your emotions decide how hard to press the accelerator, it’s easy to drive recklessly, or at least, not as cautiously as you should. Don’t drive when you’re emotionally distracted, rather take the time to chill out or calm down before you get behind the wheel.

If you’re as serious about your safety as we are, make sure you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, that includes benefits like emergency road and medical assist, should you need it.

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