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Car Insurance Quotes
18Aug 2014

5 Reasons why you need car insurance from the king

Why Car Insurance is important!

As motorists, we’re all pretty critical of other peoples’ driving abilities. If you can admit that you’ve never cursed at someone else’s bad driving, shown them your favourite finger, or sat on the hooter, then you’re excused from reading this post. As for the rest of us…

That frustrated and sometimes hot headed driving nature,  ultimately stems from fear, but the solution is just as easy as raising that finger:  The king’s affordable car insurance.

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Think about it like this: when you’re on the road, you’re hanging on a trapeze….Would you not feel much more secure if you had a safety net under you? Now take a look at your life; how much you rely on your car, and the precious cargo it carries. Doesn’t it feel better to think of them bouncing happily on a safety net?

The king knows all too well that accidents can happen to anyone and you should be prepared for such unfortunate events. Do you need more reasons to have car insurance? We’ll give you 5 right now

1      A choice of 3 standard deals:

We know that your lifestyle differs from your neighbours, so we aim to give you, car insurance options that suit your specific budget, needs and concerns. From comprehensive packages (which include hail cover and emergency assist) to third-party only cover – whatever your needs, we have an option for you.

2         Additional cover options:

So, our standard packages don’t cover that dual sub-woofer, 12 x 6, blow-your-mind car system you just installed…. But never fear, the king is here! Our additional options for non-standard sound equipment can be added to your existing package.

3         Affordable solutions:

When you buy your car, it’s sad but true that as soon as you turn the ignition on for the first time, it starts to decrease in value. Shouldn’t your car insurance premiums decrease as well? The king says ‘Yes’! And what’s more, with us, you can choose the excess that suits your budget….Win-win, right?

4         Experience is key:

So you’ve been driving for 15 years and have never had an accident…. The king takes your careful nature into account when you apply for a policy, and this affects the final value of your monthly premium. It’s like getting a reward for being safe on the roads.

5         Peace of mind:

Knowing that the king has you covered is one less thing to worry about when you’re out and about.

We are super cheap and proud of it, so spread the word and spread the savings. Get in touch with the king to talk about what kind of comprehensive car insurance will suit you